iChoose2 Love My Life

Welcome to the beginning of our iChoose2 Love My Life: one-year journey toward living a life you love!  You are about to embark on a life changing journey with people from around the world.

Your Week #1 Video is below.  After you watch the video, please leave a comment below sharing what you’ll be celebrating one year from today.  Then, be sure to come back to this page throughout the week, so you can encourage others in their one year dreams.

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Kelly Thorne Gore



  1. Debbie Mattox says:

    Hi Kelly! One year from now I hope to have lost half of my goal weight! I had bariactic surgery on December 16th. The sleeve is what I had done, they made my stomach the size of a banana. Lot’s of Prayer has helped in the past two weeks. Kelly I smile when I see or hear you! Love You! Lets begin this awesome journey!

    • Angela Abraham says:

      Hi Kelly, one year from now December 29, 2015, I will be celebrating 75lb weight loss and also the completion of my Bachelor’s degree, and also a loving relationship with a man who wants to share his life with mine in marriage.

  2. Jane Thorne says:

    One year from now I want to have improved health and MAJOR weight loss (close to my goal weight). I also want my relationship with Christ to be closer than it has ever been. So excited to see what 2012 has to hold for all of us! I can’t wait to hear the stories of life change. Together we can do this!

  3. One year from today I will celebrating a renewed marriage! I am on a journey to have the marriage that I’ve always wanted and the journey will bring my husband and me closer together and closer to God! Let the journey begin!

    • You can do it! An amazing book that helped me in praying for my husband is “The Power of a Praying Wife” Also Leigh Ann from the ibloom team has some amazing marriage resources.

  4. Carol Williams says:

    One year from today, I will have solved a personal problem I have been working on. I will be attending church regularly as well. I won’t be having knee-jerk reactions to people and I’ll be able to simply walk away from difficult people.

  5. One year from today, I want to be living with no more false guilt. I want to discern true conviction from the Holy Spirit but not live under the burden of expectations I was never intended to bear. I also want a closer relationship with the Lord and my husband. Plus, I’d like to lose 20 pounds. 🙂

  6. Samanthia Talbot says:

    Happy New Year.

    I hope to be in a more vibrant and closer relationship with the Lord, studying His Word more so that I can know more about him and I want to be changed to be more like Jesus. I want to be a person who gives more and loves more and I want to be his vessel to lead family, friends and coworkers to Christ. I want to be a woman of God according to God’s purpose for my life.

    I also want to be meet a godly and god fearing man and hope to marry, if it is the Lord’s will.

    Finally, I want to have lost the additional 40 lbs I am working on losing as I continue my journey on living a more healthier lifestyle.

    God bless.

  7. I’m hoping that I’ll have more of a focus to my life, that I’ll feel like I’m headed in the right direction.

  8. Linda McCrae Tame says:

    Hi Kelly and everyone! Next year at this time, I will be reflecting on 2012 and expressing gratitude to God and my ibloom support team! Gratitude, because I will be loving my life like I never have before. I’m expecting to grow in intimacy with Christ, in the effort I put into relationships, and in effectiveness in ministry. Improved health, fitness, and the achievement of personal creative goals, like writing and painting, are also on the list. It’s exciting to step into the journey with others, and I eagerly anticipate your stories!

  9. One year from today, I will celebrate a season of intimacy and healing. Authentic intimacy with the Lord, my husband, my daughter and grandchildren as well as other close personal relationships. In addition, I will be walking in the best health that God’s blessings and my dedication allow. I will live this live intentionally in order to nurture healthy emotions and abundant living.

  10. Cindie Thomas says:

    I hope to have a deeper walk with the Lord as I live a fully surrendered life.

  11. Doris Sanders says:

    One year from today I hope to have left behind old baggage that weighs me down and to fully rely upon God for his guidance in every aspect of my life.

  12. One year from now I want to be thriving in my business and directing a wonderful group of women towards their own financial freedom and happiness.

  13. My motto for 2012 is “Live Boldly Without Fear”. So one year from today, I want to look back and celebrate how BRAVE I’ve been. I want to trust God with my work, my family, and my life and step out and take risks that I’ve been hesitant to do in the past. I especially want to be bold in sharing how Jesus is working in my life & giving Him all the credit for anything I accomplish this year.

  14. Rene Owens says:

    One year from today I will:
    1. Be 20 pounds lighter.
    2. Have read scripture daily and been involved in an indepth Bible study on a regular basis.
    3. Look healthier because I have eaten healthier and been exercising regularly.
    4. Have taken more time for me, for my friendships, and serving others regularly.

    I will be praying that we all meet our goals on this 52 week journey. It is one moment, one day, and one week at a time. We can do it!!

  15. One year from now I will be celebrating a Debt Free Life!! I will be able to enjoy life more by doing more of what I like which includes giving to others. With the way things are right now financially, I’m not able to give/donate as much as I’d like to. Looking forward to 2012 and not looking back!!! 🙂

  16. One year from now, I am going to be STRONG! Stronger physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I will be stronger in my relationships, my job, have a strong marriage, and and overall strong outlook on life.

  17. kelly wells says:

    I hope, scratch that, I WILL be celebrating that I finally discovered my purpose in this life.

  18. Lakecia Harris says:

    Hi IBloom Team !

    One year from now I will be celebrating the achievement of my major personal goal, which is to launch my own coaching practice. To achieve this goal, I have set many small goals with the help of Kelly and the Empowering Coaches MasterMind Group. I am looking forward to establishing new daily habits that will help me to thrive mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

  19. Debbie Dovel says:

    In January, 2013, I hope to be celebrating a closer relationship with Christ, a better relationship with my husband, and a better life for my disabled son.

  20. Maria Ljungberg says:

    One year from now I hope I have regained my strength and to thrive…

  21. A year from now i hope to celebrate a deeper relationship with christ, a debt free life and a more organised life at home and at work. Also to go from a size 20 to a size 14.

  22. One year from now I will be a more balanced and self disciplined person with a booming home business.

  23. One year from now I want to have a closer relationship with God and emulate the teachings of Christ. I would also like to rise above the pettiness I encounter in my day to day experiences. I,too, am trying to lose some excess weight, and desperately trying to quit smoking.

  24. One year from now I will be celebrating a healthy me (only 15 more pounds to my target weight); the publishing of my 2nd book; the joy of relationships that have been truly nurtured and tended to throughout the year. Also, I’m reading the Bible chronologically this year. Looking forward to the revealing of all 2012 has to offer.

  25. More focus & success is what I want to have attained. In all areas! (-_-)
    The LEARNED Preneur @ NormaDoiron.NET

  26. Hi Kelly,

    This is an amazing program you’ve assembled. I love the idea of tying a support group to your book. 🙂

    By this time next year. I will have successfully tripled my business. My relationship with my husband will exceed anything we’ve felt before and I’ll have made more time to spend focusing on my growing boys.

  27. Grat advice! and I love the strategy you offer. For me, I plan to focus on all the great stuff I offer and believe that people want my services! Yup – gotta get the right belief in place first!

  28. I love this article Kelly! Since I’ve just today, reached my weight loss goal, the rest of the year is continuing to exercise my mind and body. I expect to also be dating a wonderful man….or not. LOL! Wishing you all the very best for 2012!

  29. I choose to make an impact in the lives of 10 business owners. I want to make marketing a systematic process for these business owners, and help them grow their businesses.

  30. I love the look of your site. I’m choosing to grow my business and reach my income target.

  31. A deeper relationship with Jesus, a properous home based travel agency, better relationship with my family, financial independence, credit restoration, a God fearing
    good man

  32. One year from today I hope to have grown and expanded my health coaching practice so that becomes my full-time work. Health and Nutritional coaching is what I am so passionate about and I want this work to completely fill up my life! Thank you for sharing this video 🙂

  33. One year from now, I am hopeful that I will be more balanced and I could attain success in what I am currently good at. With my marketing and love coaching skills. 🙂

  34. DANA CARTER says:

    January 1, 2013 Celebrations:
    1. Closer relationship with God
    2. Closer relationship with my husband
    3. Completed 1st year of a 3 year Debt Free Program
    4. Lost 30-40 pounds/ Run 5K Race
    5. Spend more time with my Mom, who is battling Alzheimers
    6. More Solitude Time/ Reading Books/ Bubble Baths/ Praying
    7. Rest

  35. Great challenging question: One year from now I will be visiting different states and speaking on stage to a large group of wonderful women!

  36. Great video, Kelly! One year from now I will have expanded my business to encompass health coaching. Looking forward to see more videos soon!

  37. I will be celebrating my art work and sharing it with others in a profound way. I will have published my books (2 books) and my business of helping people roll around in their passions will be thriving!
    Niche work!

  38. Thanks for the video, I love to celebrate my life every day and also in one year’s time I want to feel the same… full of energy, happy, young, healthy and plus be able to give the best to universe and so let the universe give me the best 🙂

  39. Great concept Kelly – slow and steady change is the best path to success. One year from now I will be celebrating having left my offline business completely, and having helped an ever-growing number of people start successful online businesses. Looking forward to celebrating with you!

  40. One year from today I will be running a successful business helping people who work with struggling readers. Thanks Kelly!

  41. Angie Shupe says:

    One year from today I will be at least 65 pounds lighter. I will be actively persuing my love of running and I will have completed my first 5K. I will have a relationship with God like I never have before!!! My relationship with my husband will be better than ever. My son will have the mother he deserves. I will be nurturing the relationships that are the most important to me. My business will be greater than 2011 and continuing to grow!

  42. Julie Carter says:

    One year from now I would like to be working towards my goal of completing my degree, and loving myself enough to get myself healthier than i’ve ever been. Once I am able to love myself as I should, that will help me to improve all of my relationships.

  43. One year from now I will celebrate a more peaceful and organized heart and home!

  44. I just found this site, so my One year will begin today and I will need to order the book this week end. I’m Ok with that. Things come to me when it’s time and I’m usually a little behind everyone else. As my mother has said my whole life “I dance to a different drummer then the rest of the world.” I’m excited to be a part of this journey though and part of this tribe of Christian Faith Women. One year from today I hope to have moved forward in financial and business situations that my husband and I have been working on resolving with the Lord. There are of course other personal matters such as weight and health as well. I hope I have a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and a fuller understanding of God’s plan for our time here on earth. I hope to have a faith that is unshakable.

  45. I just found out about iBloom. I have looked around the site, watched some of the videos, and I am looking forward to getting my iChoose2 …..book I ordered tonight. Can’t wait to get started! I ordered 1 for my friend also. I am excited about getting to know some of the members through the web site. My hope is to be able to read what other christian women think and feel. Thank you for having your blog, Kelly. Such an inspiration! Starting on a wonderful journey to improve myself for me but more important…for the Lord!

  46. I just met the iBloom team at Allume last week and was excited to dig into the book. So here I am starting my one year journey to the life I want. I really desire to live a more disciplined, uncluttered life that allows me to spend time doing the things I love. I plan to be making money from my writing one year from now, knowing how to manage my time and my life wisely!

  47. MelAnn Morales says:

    One year from now I will be celebrating the rewards that come from… Health, Success, Balance and Intention.

  48. At the end of 2013, I want to be more like Jesus and to learn more. And I want to be more involved in Bible studies with my husband. Already started

  49. One year from today, I hope to be at least 50 pounds lighter, and more importantly – healthier. I hope to have my home clutter-free and well organized; and to have my finances under control. I would like to have a clear direction of the next chapter in my life, and knowledge of what God wants me to accomplish, and how to do it.

  50. Roxan Park says:

    One year from today, I will be celebrating that my love, understanding, and trust for our Lord has grown exponentially from it’s current infancy. I will have a clearer understanding of what His intention is for me to serve Him through helping others.

    I am a certified career coach who has just made a huge transition, quit my agency job and moved cross country. One year from now with His help I will be using my time, talents and treasures and earning a living helping others to move forward in their lives. I am struggling with what this looks like and a year from now I will be celebrating my gratitude for His hand in showing me the way!

    I will be celebrating one + year of a new healthy lifestyle that includes gained expertise and practice in solid, daily, nutrition and exercise habits with a target weight for this time next year of 160. (that is 57 more to lose from the 12 that I have lost in the past couple of months) I will be celebrating how amazing it feels to be healthy, have an improved appearance and to know that my target weight of 140ish is only a matter of months away!


  51. One year from now I hope to see myself as a person fully sbmerged into a very healthy relationship with Christ. I want to be more like him as His daughter and heiress. I want to have a deeper and more intimate relationship with my husband. I want to give my daughters a Mom that is completely aware of what is happening in their lives. I want to help them grow closer to Jesus

    I also want to be physically healthier in my eating and sleeping habits. I want to lose a significant amount of weight. I also want to have a healthier outlook at life through the renewing of my heart, mind, and spirit in God’s word.

    Last but not least I want to share my passion for helping women through the business God has given me. I want to see lives changed for better through the ministry I am doing.

  52. Vicki Thaxton says:

    One year from today I will be celebrating discipline habits in my life that will lead to weight loss, physically stronger, a writing life and the completion of some writing projects, a daily quiet time with God where I listen and learn to trust Him. I have a habit of worry and I need God’s power to replace it with a habit of trust and casting my cares on Him.

  53. Physically, I hope to have lost 50lb through a combination of diet and exercise. In my life in general, I want to find balance. In my house cleaning, I want to have systems and consistency. I want to go from chaos to order in so many aspects of my life. I want to go from reacting to intentional living.

  54. i would like to have earned the incentive trip in my business. i want to have a closer relationship with God and my family. i would like also to be able to work my biz full time. i would also like to have a room full of moms praying for our kids and their schools.


  55. Edwina Cowgill says:

    One year from today-January 27-I want to have a more intimate and deeper relationship with God; I want a more intimate and deeper relationship with my husband; I want to have lost 40-50 lbs., and I want to have my book published and be able to speak to women and share with them what God has brought me through,

  56. I’m so excited to be on this journey again this year. Can’t wait to see what this year’s journey brings!! 🙂 I will be celebrating a life of financial freedom and looking back on a year full of family fun and fond memories. HUGS

  57. One year from today I will be celebrating a closer relationship to my Redeemer and have clarity for the next phase of my life. I’ll be off my blood pressure medicine and also off my c-pap machine. I’ll be celebrating almost 30 years of a deeper relationship with my best friend and husband!

  58. Marlene says:

    I am just beginning this journey and will be focusing on finding more of my identity, value in Jesus;
    learning to be in a love relationships with Jesus. Also developing a bigger friendship circle -healthy, trustworthy & fun relationships.

  59. I just received your book today and I am excited to start my year off with a destination. I want goals, less clutter in my house, consistent exercise and diet, more intimate relationship with husband, greater comprehension of God’s word through precepts studies, and a unveiling of myself so others see the real me. I also want to continue to minister to hurting women, especially post abortion women like myself. I want to be a blessing to my family and want them to see Christ through my actions. I want to continue my journey of seeing myself through the eyes of Christ and not comparing myself to others. I AM PRESSING ON!

  60. I am on a journey to give up worry about everything and live each day to the fullest with the guidance of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. I seem to understand now that I have been very controlling and want to give that up. One year from now I plan to have a definite meditation and quiet time where I study the word every day and have a stronger prayer life which can only help me to grow spiritually. I also plan to be 30 pounds lighter with healthier eating habits. I also want to have a stronger relationship with my husband and children and grandchildren. This is my first week with your book and look forward to the next 52 weeks.

  61. I hope I have lost 15-20 pounds and kept it off. I hope I have a more meaningful relationship with God. I hope that my current boyfriend and I have our relationship figured out – whether we are moving forward or ending it. I hope I learn to forgive those that have hurt. I hope I’ve found a church I feel really connected to and that I belong there. I hope I’m debt free or really working hard on it.

  62. One year from today, I hope to have a much stronger, deeper relationship with The Lord and to be living a life of prayer and devotion, to have a better & stonger relationship with my husband and my children, for my business to be thriving and to have achieved director level, for my life to be in better balance between my jobs & my family, to be debt free except for my house, and to be 50 pounds lighter.

  63. One year from today I plan to have significant improved my health through taking better care of myself by living intentionally. I plan to know what my purpose in life is. I plan to be thriving instead of just existing.

  64. One year from today, I want to have a more consistent prayer life and be in the Bible daily. I want to have a deeper relationship with my husband and be a better mom to my children, having more patience and love in their lives instead of irritable moods.

  65. I year from today I will an even stronger and closer relationship with Christ, I hope to have my physical store cottage boutique where I sell my art work and hand made soaps and teach classes to both women and young girls. It will be a haven of creativity. I also hope to run a marathon celebrating my complete physical healing from a fall down the stairs. I hope to be in a new home in a warmer climate.

  66. I will celebrate freedom from “stuff” one year from today. The clutter around me both physical and mental needs to move out and make room from peace, simplicity and tranquility. Those things I “might need later” are getting in the way of what I “can have right now”.

  67. In one year I would like to be celebrating the fact that I no longer merely exist, but have a passionate purpose to live 🙂

  68. One year from today I will be celebrating a more intimate relationship with Christ, which will entail daily Bible study and prayer. I will also be celebrating my growing and thriving business.

  69. Janet Warner says:

    At the end of 2014, I want to be celebrating the following: feeling significance and contentment by having purpose and not just an existence, a more adventurous spirit by changing how I overthink steps I need to take to change my life (be bolder and braver), to have met a Godly man to spend the rest of my life with, a better job, a steady prayer and devotional life, a compatible traveling companion, looking better physically, feeling better mentally, AND I love Kentucky and want to live there, if not year-round at least part-time (until I take that final step to live there permanently, if this is what God wants for me).

  70. Only recently found iBloom and decided to join in on the adventure. My plan for year 2014 will be to increasing performance dates for my one woman show. This is important as my long term plan is make the transition to full time performance and sustainable income. Develop the details and planning skills needed to advance my goals ie a) write consistently on my blog b) update website c) organization d) asking for help. I’m sure there is more and I trust those necessary parts will unfold as the year progresses.
    I will continue to pursue physical fitness with P90X as part of my desire is to be an inspiration for others. On a personal level I plan to develop deeper relationships with my daughters as well as with my women friendships. I would truly love to find true love with an amazing man 🙂 Oh, and clean out a few closets and purge the garage. 🙂

  71. LizyBeth says:

    One year from now, our family will be about half-way through my hsuband’s upcoming thrid deployment to the Middle East. At that point, I will be celebrating thriving through this delpoyment with joyful and intentional parenting, faithful and regular communication with my husband, and actually taking care of myself this time. I have set goals for Scripture memorization, running training, and other self-care goals. Through the last two deployments, I did not take great care of myself and fell into depression both times. My goal isn’t necessarily to avoid depression- that may just be a part of deployment for me, BUT this time I will be doing everything in power to make sure I am taking the best care of ME that I can. I can’t take care of everything on my own without first taking care of me. I’m ready to learn, grow, and thrive!

  72. Hello, Kelly

    My goal in one year is to provide a home for my daughters. And be secure financialy.
    I loved your video. And can’t wait t o see the others Thanks.and God bless

  73. My goal in one year is to have a closer relationship with God and my family! I would like to be in a place to help others as I start the transition from one business to another.

  74. Valerie Meyers says:

    My goal for 2015 is to completely trust the Lord with the finances that He blesses me and my family with. I want to be a better steward of my resources and be a better giver of my time and resources.

    Also, as I have been praying about 2015 and what God is asking me to focus on, the word “empowerment” keeps coming to mind. It’s like every time I see that word or hear it something in my heart grabs of hold of it and says “yes!” or it brings me to tears as I remember those time that I felt anything but empowered and how God rescued me. I don’t honestly know what 2015 will bring but I believe that it will have something to do with empowering women in some way.

  75. One year from today, I will be celebrating a life that is thriving, not just surviving…and will know that I am living out His call on my life!

  76. I hope some personal relationships are better. I hope I’m mentally better in how I look at things. I hope our house is finished.

  77. Jennifer Carruthers says:

    In 1 year from today I plan to have finished losing my 65 lb goal (21 lbs done – 44lbs to go!) I plan on being more organized. Have new written goals (career and personal) and to be established in pursuing them.

  78. Kathleen Smith says:

    My goal is to spend regular time with the Lord, in addition to the time my husband and I spend praying together. My goal is to sell ten books a month and to get my Twitter account up to 1,000. I want to e worth following!

  79. My goal is to increase in intimacy with the Lord. I want a more orderly life – making goals and sticking with them – so I can steward all my relationships well. And I want to be writing authentic message that resonate with my readers.

  80. My goals for November 2016 is to have a better relationship with God and to be able to say I spent more quality time with my husband. I will also learn how to write in SQL language. My house will be more clutter free and organized.

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