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Yesterday, I had the opportunity to promote iBloom’s 2011 Online Event during a local Noon Show. It just happened to air at the same time my parents were meeting with the Hospice team.  So, my parents and the Hospice team gathered around the TV to watch.

Here’s a video of it, in case you want to watch:

Last night during a family gathering my Dad was talking about the interview and then went on to add how much iBloom’s iChoose2 Love My Life 40-day journey had impacted his life.  You see, we created that 40-day journey last year to help women understand that we have a choice.  We can choose to live lives we love.  Or, we can choose not to.  It’s a choice.  Sometimes a very a hard choice, but still a choice.

I wrote many of those iChoose2 entries while sitting with my Dad has he had chemo and radiation treatments for cancer.  As our iBloom team was developing that 40-day journey, it hit me!  We don’t often choose the circumstance of our lives.  But, we do have a choice in how we respond to each circumstance.  We can either wallow and say why me.  Or we can accept it as a special assignment from God.  This was a perspective shift for me!

My Dad wouldn’t choose to have a terminal cancer.  But, he chooses to live each day to its fullest – in spite of having a terminal cancer.

iBloom exists to inspire & equip every woman on the planet to live a life she loves!  I’m very passionate about this because I want to help YOU live intentionally, so YOU can have a significant impact with YOUR one life!

I hope that you’ll join us on Tuesday, March 1st at 8PM EST for our FREE iBloom 2011 Online Event: Step Out of the Chaos & Discover How to Live a Life You Love.  I’ll be sharing the key ingredients that will empower you to really live a life you love.  Then, you’ll get to connect with the other iBloom Life Coaches as they share their personal stories of struggles, triumphs, and challenges and how they strive to live a life of passion, balance, and purpose.

At the end of the year, I want you to look back and realize that this was the year you did it!  You’re living that life you really love!

To register for this FREE event, please enter your name & email below.  Be sure to register, even if you can’t attend the event LIVE.  We wouldn’t want you to miss this life-changing event, so we’ll be sending the audio recording after the event.


Kelly Thorne Gore



  1. Sweet daughter…thank you for sharing your heart and your Dad’s. I love you both.


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