iChoose2 Love My Life #3: iChoose2 Have a Theme

Welcome to Week #3 of our iChoose2 Love My Life: one-year journey toward living a life you love!

Your Week #3 Video is below. After you watch the video, please leave a comment below sharing your theme for this year.

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Kelly Thorne Gore



  1. I am laughing as I had NO idea that was your theme for 2012…..

    My theme for 2012 is “Intentionally Investing”. I want to invest in my time with God, family, friends, our new church launch and in myself.

    We really are so alike in many ways!

    • Mom, you are too funny! I had no idea this was your theme either. We are definitely alike in many ways. Praying for you as you intentionally invest in the core areas of your life this year! Love you!

  2. Jan Rowland says:

    My theme for this year is “Living LIGHTly”. I’m getting rid of clutter in body, mind, home, and spirit and living more fully in the Light of Jesus, hoping He will shine through a ME that is lighter and more full of light.

  3. My theme is “Turning my test from 2011 into my testimony in 2012”. Writing down a lot of the miracles that God has done in my life.

    Also in remembering those miracles applying the lessons I learned to things I go thorough this year and living a more balanced lifestyle 🙂

    • Amanda, I love this! God has definitely performed incredible miracles in your life. In fact, I think there is a book in the making. I’m SO proud of you and the progress you’re making. I’m praying God’s abundant blessings over you this year.

  4. Kristin Holder says:

    My theme is Healthy De-cluttered Contentment

  5. Great video!
    My theme for this year is 365 days of living intentionally. Every day I am attempting to do something on purpose to produce life both here and eternal. Jesus said He came to give us life and that more abundantly, however we have to choose life in order to see that life happen. God has set before us life and death and I am choosing LIFE and choosing it intentionally.

  6. My theme for 2012, I thought was “Independence” but I think I need to add to that and also say “Powerful”. The desktop background on my computer is a picture of an ad for care.org and it has the words “I am Powerful”. I see that every day and it reminds me that Yes! I am Powerful!! This year is also the year of Independence for me as I have learned over the years that “A Man is not a Plan B” (that should be the title of a book/movie! LOL). I need to be prepared to be on my own financially and I am making steps daily toward that goal. I wish everyone a POWERFUL INDEPENDENT 2012!! 🙂 HUGS

  7. Rene Owens says:

    My theme or OLW (One Little Word) is HEALTH. I want to have a healthy spiritual life which I am working on by reading my Bible daily (Love the app on my phone where I can read before my feet hit the floor in the morning and I have turned on a light!!) and by doing a daily Bible study with my church. We also have a prayer focus at church. I have also committed to memorizing more scripture. I want to have a healthy body which I am working on by exercising daily and trying to make healthier food choices. I want to be have a healthy relationship with my family and friends by making time for them. I want to be healthy emotionally and I am working on that by doing things I love, praying, and getting out in God’s beauty. I can’t wait to see how my health has changed by the end of 2012.

    • Rene, I just adore you! Thank you so much for sharing. I love your theme! I failed to mention this in the video, but since I’ve been going through the iChoose2 journey, I realized that in order to invest in others the way I desire, then I have to be investing in myself- eating healthy, exercising, and just taking time for Me. I love that you’re being intentionally about investing in yourself (and others) this year. I can’t wait to celebrate with you at the end of the year, as you’re healthier than you’ve ever been because you really focused on getting healthier this year.

  8. My theme for this year is SAVOR. I have gone through several transitions in the last couple of years – empty nest, the feeling of isolation from working from home, Seasonal Affective Disorder, shifting my marriage from mediocre to marvelous, as well as a clinical depression! God blessed us richly by moving us back to San Diego. So we got rid of most of our “stuff,” remodeled our home, sold it, moved into a rental in SD, then bought a house and moved again. So this is my year to SAVOR my new blessings of feeling REALLY good again, a fresh, happy marriage, lots to enjoy and discover, and new adventures around the corner. The WAY I will do that is to keep a simpler schedule, move more slowly, sit on my patio, take walks on the beach, enjoy my iBloom team and the wonderful women we serve, do simple things with my husband, watch the sun set into the ocean, and listen for God’s daily guidance.

    • Betsy, I’m SO thankful to serve alongside you on our iBloom team. I LOVE your theme for this year. I pray that you’re able to savor every itty bitty moment of your journey. Love you!

  9. Linda McCrae Tame says:

    Harmony is my theme for 2012.

  10. Lakecia Harris says:

    My theme for 2012 is to “shine intentionally”

    • Lakecia, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! My theme several years ago was to SHINE! I love the imagery that comes to mind when I think about you shining intentionally in all areas of your life. You’re such a blessing to me and so many others. I’m SO proud of you and all of your hard work in the Empowering Coaches Mastermind Group! You are such a joy to me!

  11. Love reading everyone’s themes! Excited for each of you to join us on the iChoose2 Love My Life Journey!
    My theme for this year is to “Live Boldly Without Fear”. I feel I know what God has for me to do this year: to live into my priorities and to be bold about it!. I need to just trust Him and the plan He has for me and my family and then ACT on what He has for me each day. Boldly jump in to what He has for me each day and not fear the “unknowns” but instead to trust God with all of it!

  12. I LOVE this video and the message it holds! My theme this year is happiness. I choose to be HAPPY! I had a very tough 2011 and committed to making 2012 a year of happiness. I am letting God show me what happy means. Each day I post to facebook one thing revealed to me that makes me happy. It is my Project 365- Happiness. Kelly, I love what you said about devoting time to nurture your relationship with your husband! Turning technology off and having couple time is such a great investment! I do not currently have a husband, but know that the choices I make are molding me to be a great wife someday when God send the right man. I hope to implement that in my relationship with a spouse someday! Thank you for the priceless advice you and the iBloom team shares on a consistent basis. It is food for my soul!

  13. My theme this year is INVEST. Investing in me: relationship with God, marriage, friendships, family, healthy lifestyle, simplifying.

  14. Janie Coffey says:

    My theme this year is “moving forward”. God has been speaking to my heart about moving forward in so many areas in my life. Cant wait to find out how moving forward in 2012 is going to change my life.

  15. Hi. My theme for 2012 is Living a Balanced Life. I choose each day to keep things in order, first things first. I choose to allow God to direct me in how to manage all my responsibilities as His daughter, a wife, mom, grand mom, daughter, sibling, manager in the workplace, ministry volunteer, and what I need to do to invest in myself. I will no longer go to an extreme in any area, and I will choose to say “no” or “not now.”

  16. My theme for this year is ‘Completion/completeness’. I have so many projects and ideas – all of which are really rather fabulous lol – but I rarely see them through to completion!!! So they all become a big hurdle that has prevented me from moving forward into new areas God has for me. As well as that, I am working to complete the little goals I set for myself (1 or 2 a month to create new habits), and to know that I am Complete in Him! Being content is a big upside of feeling/knowing Completeness! Blessings 🙂

    • Thats a great theme!! I share in your struggle because thats where I was last year (still go there sometimes). Before my 33 birthday, I was just like enough is enough God. I’m tired of never finishing my assignments. So, I started to pray and meditate a little more.

      I dont know about you, but God has blessed me with many gifts. I wanted so much to use them for His purpose that I started believing He had planted every little minute idea for me to carry out. Not so! The more I prayed and meditated the more I realized that those gifts were purposed in me for an overall goal. Those ideas were just to show me how to use that/those gifts in my purpose. Then one day, He showed me that I have the gift to bring people together in fellowship (Koinonia). When practiced in spirit and in truth it brings about Kingdom Building, which is every Christians purpose, to preach/teach the Good News. He also reiterated to me that I am a prayer warrior.

      So, I share with you that struggle, but I also share with you in your victory! God Bless!

  17. I do not have a personal theme for this year however this year’s theme at church is Practicing His (God’s) Presence. Just last night I decided that I have been a little mediocre in my practicing and needed to devote even more time to studying His word. That way when He is directing me I can recognize His presence in everything I do in my new life.

    So, I am purposely spreading open my blooms to receive the sunlight they so need to bear fruit. I am purposely watering my roots so that they will continue to grow deeper into rich soil and not hard sediments.

    I now have a more specific idea as to what God has equipped me and purposed me for, so my churches theme fits right into God’s will for my life right now. I pray blessings and manifestation of those things mentioned from others on this thread. In Jesus Name, Amen! God Bless

  18. My theme for 2012 is to Live Whole for God. I like to be organized, balanced and in control of my life, so I have spent so much of the past few years compartmentalizing my life. I’m going to put my “work hat” on now. I’m going to put my “church hat” on now. Now my “wife hat”. I felt like God was telling me He didn’t want pieces of my life, He wanted the whole thing, and wanted me to remain whole in all I do. It’s make me stay centered on God and in touch with Him for how to simply be His in every moment, with every person, with everything I do. It’s so abstract and big picture, and I’m a detail person, so this theme is stretching me in a good way and making me depend more on the Lord rather than myself.

  19. Jessica Taylor says:

    My theme is “Engage”. So much of the time iI feel like I am simply coasting from one activity to the next, from one day to the next. I want to learn to be fully engaged every day! With two small children that are growing every day I don’t have time to waste on coasting. I want my time to be spent engaging in them, in my husband, God, my friends and my business. I hope to look back on this year and know remember the details and know that I was ‘there’ and focused on what is important.

  20. Lori Madden says:

    I’m still praying about it, but I’m leaning toward “Obedience” as my theme, with a ‘sub-theme’ of Mediocre to Marvelous Marriage. I find that I justify little acts of disobedience – nothing major, but litle things that put the smallest of barriers between God and me, things that keep me from His best for me. I have to let God do what only He can, but I have to do what only I can. And I can do this, or anything, through Christ Who gives me strength!

  21. My theme is Unstoppable! To the Finish! I blogged about it earlier this month and have answered this topic numerous times already 🙂 Its about sticking to my schedule and focus…. Finishing what I start. Not letting life get in my way. Life has already challenged me on this and I’m not even into the first month yet! 🙂 it’s about getting ahead and putting some margins into my life. And following through with intentions.

  22. Edwina Cowgill says:

    God has been dealing with me in several areas since the first of 2013 so my theme is a combination of those areas: “Live each day fully alive and with unrestrained joy, trusting in God unreservedly, giving generously, and walking in health.”

  23. My theme for this year is to be Positive! We each a choice in the way that we view and interpret things. I am going to work at making the choice to see the positive even though it is often so much easier to see the negative. I have it posted on my blog so I see that one word every day! I would also like to pass that positive outlook on to my daughter by being careful how I react to things.

  24. I am choosing the theme “Intentional Investing in Positivity”. I am a very negative person and tend to speak that into existence in my life and I am “choosing” to turn that around and make changes to my life. I also want to intentionally invest in my relationships in all aspects of my life…God, friends, coworkers, and my relationship with my boyfriend. I want to make time to impact someone else’s life with the positivity I can put out there.

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