iBloom Planner Virtual Tour

Trying to decide if the iBloom Planner is right for you?

Here’s a virtual tour sharing all of the amazing features of the iBloom Planner including some new features to the 2019 edition!

For more info and to sample a week, go to http://ibloomplanner.com

Kelly Thorne Gore

Kelly is the Founder & President of iBloom. She's passionate about empowering women to live their best life and fulfill God's plan for their life!


  1. bev sofroniuk says:

    I am new, I have not used your planner. I live in Steinbach Manitoba

  2. Karen Wilson says:

    I like this walk through; I am looking around deciding if this planner will fit my style. The thing that has impacted me the most this day is the fact that you pray over your orders. That is so special. And the prayer in the email I got brought me to tears. Thank you so much.

  3. Danielle Day says:

    Hello! I’m from Humboldt, SK. I just watched your virtual tour. I am new. I’m trying to decide on the planner. I do really like the idea of the prayers! Thanks!

  4. Marianne Erastus says:

    I never thought of praying over a planner, but now I have learned something new. which I think it will help me in everything I am doing

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