How To Merge Facebook Pages

Want to know one of the BIGGEST mistakes I see business owners making when it comes to utilizing Facebook effectively?

They have TOO many Facebook pages

Trying to maintain one Facebook page is hard enough, but trying to maintain multiple pages for one business is even harder and quite frankly, very confusing. The truth is, having too many Facebook pages for one business will only bring about confusion to the people who are trying to find you and connect with you.  And after all the hard work we put into our pages to stand out and create a community, the last thing you want is to make the process even more confusing for the people you are trying to reach!

Today, I want to show you, step-by-step how to merge similar, duplicate Facebook pages so that ultimately, it’s easier on everyone!

Here are few things to keep in mind before trying to merge some pages together:

  • In order to merge multiple Facebook pages together, they must represent the same thing; they must be about the same thing.
  • Merging Pages combines all your likes and check-ins, but all other content such as posts, photos and the username will be permanently deleted from the Page you merge.
  • Once your pages have been merged, it can’t be undone. So make sure that this is what you really want to do.
  • It can take up to a few weeks before Facebook no longer brings up the pages that you merged together. You will have to give them some time to “clean it out” of their platform.

How to merge your Facebook pages:

  1. Go to the Page with the most likes (this is the one you want to keep)
  2. From the top of your Page, click “Settings” Settings
  3. Scroll down and near the bottom you will see where it says, “Merge Pages.” Merge
  4. From there, click “Edit”
  5. You will see this message pop up: “You can merge Pages you manage if they have similar names and represent the same thing. The likes and check-ins from these Pages will be combined. Learn More.” And then, you will see where you can click to “Request to merge duplicate Pages.” Click that link and follow the instructions. request

It’s as easy as that! So, if you have multiple pages for your one business, make life easier on yourself and on your audience; go back to one page and give it all you’ve got!

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Dr. Jen

Jen Bennett

Dr. Jen Bennett is the Social Media/Communication Specialist and Project Manager at iBloom. Jen’s passion is helping businesses, ministries and individuals, #BeWorthFollowing. Jen enjoys speaking, training, and writing on all things that inspire and help leaders build a digital footprint and personal brand that is different and that helps them stand out and influence people in a crowded and noisy social media world.


  1. Multiple pages send out too many messages. It is important to find your voice and do so from one point. At one point I had four pages, I didn’t know if I was coming or going. 😉 Trying to appeal to too many can be self-sabotaging because it stretchs you too thin and you can’t do things well when there’s not enough of you to go around. Oh, yes, I did merge two of the pages and I deleted the other two.

  2. Maryann Krabbe says:

    Hi Jen,
    I have a personal facebook page and a business page. I was under the impression I had to have a personal one in order to make a business one. I would actually like to just have the business one. Can I merge the two and just keep it for my business?
    Maryann Krabbe
    Hearts Song Life Coaching

  3. i thought I was creating just a business page but ended up with a business person page wich I do not want, only a business “like” page. How don’t make them a business like page not a friend page? If that is not possible how do I transfer to my personal acct the business like page? I would prefer just the business page. Thank you and hope I made some sense. This is very frustrating…

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