Good Intentions

I am SO excited to introduce you to my go-to person when it comes to creating fabulous customer service, Denise Mock! Denise will be a speaker at this year’s iBloom in Business Online Conference, teaching attendees how they can create an exceptional service experience for their customers.

breeannawedding2When was the last time you intended to do something but you never did?  We either immediately move it to our “to-do” list, or it falls off the list completely, unless guilt reminds us to put it there again.

We all have had “good intentions” and failed.  I once had “good intentions” andwas late to a wedding.  What makes matters worse is my 4 year old daughter was in the wedding as the flower girl!

This was a huge honor for us to be invited and to be part of their special day.  As the wedding day approached, we had scheduling conflicts.  My husband could not attend, and we also agreedtowatch our friend’s children.  This took some planning, especially since the wedding was several hours away.  I even rented a hotel room for the night before the wedding.

The rehearsal went well and the pastor reminded everyone to be considerate and be on time to the wedding.  We slept well, had a great start to our day, and had everything ready that morning for the 2 p.m. wedding.  We packed up, checked out, and went to lunch at Chick-Fil-A. We were ahead of schedule.  It was a 30 minute drive to the wedding from there.

I knew my way to the wedding, but I decided to ask a local gentleman if there was another route.  His directions were great and easier!  Needless to say, his directions were wrong, I drove forever, got lost, and had toturn around and go the way I knew.

We arrived 15 minutes LATE, to an outdoor venue. I had to wake my daughter up and get her dressed.  The wedding had already begun!

My mother-in-law met me at the car.  With her determination and by a divine act of God, we walked up and Bree Anna walked in just at the right moment.

Ihad good INTENTIONS of having my daughter dressed and on time, and of honoring the pastor’s request.  I did NOT INTEND on getting lost, being late, and being unprepared.

In your business, do you have “good intentions” or are you being intentional?  When we launch our businesses, we have a mission, and a vision to make a difference.  We intend on making a profit and hiring employees who will help us do that.  Then, we encounter issues with employees, and with customers.  We are balancing budgets, learning marketing strategies, maintaining cash flow, and writing policies.  Some things get neglected.  We have “good intentions” oftaking care of our business with excellence, and meeting the needs of our customers, but somehow that priority falls to the bottom of the list.

“We tend to judge others by their behavior and ourselves by good intentions.”

Therefore, having a customer service plan is essential in helping our business be more intentional in carrying out our vision, mission, and core values.

Having a customer service plan in place helps:

  • Build relationships with employees as well as customers

  • Keeps the reason you went into business a priority

  • Allows you to communicate effectively

  • Maintain core values throughout your business

  • Deal with difficult people internally and externally

  • Creates customer retention and loyalty

As Christian business owners, we have an opportunity to treat others the way we want to be treated.  This idea can become a marketing strategy that makes our businesses more profitable as we stand out from our competition.

What good intentions are holding you back in your business? What is something you can do today to intentionally serve your customers well?
Please share your comments below.

Kelly Thorne Gore


  1. Great post and reminder. I am intentional with following up with new prospects within 48 hours. I do this either by email or phone. However, I would like a more personally way to connect with clients. I am working on that. Thanks Denise! As my pastor says, “intentions are usually good for nothing.” The bible teaches us it’s not the hearer that is bless but the doer. In this case action speaks louder than “I intended to do..”

    • Thanks for taking time to share a comment!!! Love your system of follow up. Follow up is often the hardest system to set up! Thanks for commitment to your clients to Serve BIG!!!

  2. Nice post Denise – and boy do I have a good intentions list which typically starts Sunday night, then my old friend ” Polly Procratstinator ” invites herself in and distracts me.

    I work on this with my husbands business and follow up with his customers within 2 business days.

    Customer Service Plan is a must have just like a business plan

    Thanks !!

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