Give Yourself the Gift of GRACE

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We all know that Christmas comes around the same time each year. We also know that additional things will be added to our schedules during the holiday season. So how did things spiral out of control this year?!

Our self-talk says us we should have planned better and been more organized while being the woman who can juggle it all without breaking a sweat! But we need to stop right there and give ourselves the gift of grace. God gives us this gift, we give it to others….now we need to step back and regroup as we move forward and enjoy this holiday season.

If you have followed iBloom, you know we teach the value of having an Ideal Schedule. For those not familiar with it, an Ideal Schedule is a set schedule that helps give structure to your day. You list the main things you do throughout the week at specific times so you can plan accordingly and live into your priorities. We also suggest you build margin into your schedule for those “things that just come up”.

Here is an example of my Ideal Schedule:

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 6.05.38 AM

So, what does an Ideal Schedule have to do with Christmas? It can help you plan out the things that are most important to you and your family this season. Begin by writing out everything that has to be done between now and Christmas. Take time to have a brain dump and put it ALL on paper. Next, organize the items into categories {ex. events/programs, activities, decorating, shopping, work, etc.}. Now, take each category and prioritize the items. You may be surprised that there are items on your list that can be delayed until after Christmas or can be done by someone else.

As you work through this process of creating an Ideal Christmas Schedule, make sure the things on your list are truly things you and your family want to do. You only have so much time each day, so decide what needs to be completed, what needs to be crossed off your list and what needs to be altered this year. And just because you don’t send out cards this year, doesn’t mean you can’t pick it back up next year. This is giving a gift to yourself – the gift of grace!

I will give you an example, my family LOVES having the outside of our house decorated with Christmas lights.  But no one likes putting them up. So as a family we came up with a few options:

  1. Just do it and put up the lights
  2. Pay someone to do it
  3. Don’t put up any lights
  4. Find an alternative

This year we chose #4. Instead of lights on our house, we put up other outside decorations that were quick and easy to assemble. We also put colored bulbs in the outside lights that will be there permanently. By giving ourselves grace and choosing a different solution, we have a festive yard without the frustration and stress.

Now it’s your turn. Share below some of the ways you are able to keep your schedule from spiraling this Christmas. Give yourself the gift of GRACE as you enjoy this amazing season!

Dawn Wilkerson

Dawn Wilkerson has a black belt in client care. She helps the iBloom Team and our customers not only get it together but also remember where we put it. From techie to tedious, whatever your crisis, Dawn specializes in the details and she will help you get it fixed (or find the person who can) so that YOU can get back to work.

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