iChoose2 Get a Hobby

Welcome to Week #38 of our iChoose2 Love My Life: one-year journey toward living a life you love!

This week’s these is iChoose2 Get a Hobby. Your Week #38 video is below. After you watch the video, please leave a comment below sharing about your favorite hobby or a hobby that you’d like to pursue.

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Kelly Thorne Gore



  1. I really look forward to these videos each week!! 🙂 I have a few hobbies I used to have time for when I was younger that I was thinking of getting back into. I love to do arts and crafts and I was always interested in painting and photography. Perhaps I can look into classes locally to help get back into them. Or with the way everything is online these days, I can see what’s available on the web as well! 🙂 Have a great week!! HUGS

  2. First time actually doing something for myself. I am not use to thinking about things that I would enjoy. I’ve always tried to accommodate those around me and made sure they were enjoying what they liked. However, when I was younger and before babies, I loved baking pies, cakes, and desserts! Nearly 16 years later, I cannot recall the last time I baked for fun. I would love to take a cooking class to broaden different decorating and cooking techniques. So, I think this week, I will check to see if there are any cooking classes or even online classes that I can get into and start baking again. Have a great week!

  3. Kelly,
    I LOVE this video! I, too, felt “pressured” to have a hobby, especially a hobby like some of my friends were doing! It was life-changing when a a fews years ago I realized that a hobby was whatever I enjoyed doing; how I enjoyed spending my spare time and it didn’t need to look like everyone else’s!
    I enjoy attending Women’s Bible Studies, knitting, walking, reading, and meeting with other Girls/Women. Those might not all look like “hobbies” to some people, but they are ways that I invest in myself- I come away feeling renewed, recharged, and of course, there are usually plenty of laughs involved!
    Thank you for reminding us to take time for ourselves!

  4. My hobbies have turned from being only solitary to opportunities to connect. I have always loved reading and have added a book club to my life. I learned to knit 10 years ago and now attend a Knit Night with women who share the same enjoyment of crafting as I do. The bonus of this is that I’ve made some wonderful friends in the process.

  5. I used to quilt… when I suffered from an extreme anxiety disorder and depression, I quilted very literally, to keep myself sane. It allowed me to focus on something that didn’t scare me, and kept me from feeling entirely useless. But now that I’m better, I don’t allow myself to quilt. I can’t seem to carve out time from all the things I’m now able to do with and for my family… I feel guilty even thinking about quilting, and I also feel guilty that I’m not quilting. Good grief! Not sure how to get past this, but I really enjoyed your message!

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