Flexibility – The Name of the Game

The past two weeks have not been anything close to what I would consider “normal” or my “ideal schedule”. My children and husband were sick off and on throughout this entire period. I’m sure you can relate to my situation of when life gets crazy and realize that flexibility is the name of the game!

It began when my daughter hurt her ankle and then got a virus going around school.  Several days later my son joined her at home with the same high fever and symptoms. Then, my husband got sick, so I’m sure you can figure out where my time was spent? Five doctor visits, picking up medicines, grocery shopping for soup, popsicles and other requested items, putting essential oils EVERYWHERE…shew…I was a busy and exhausted wife and Mom!

This lasted for two weeks and honestly, I was quite proud of myself for not catching their illnesses! Just as I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, the pollen count went off the charts and I was hit with insane allergies that knocked me out of commission for a couple of days.

Which leads me to this question, “How can you do it all?” First of all, you have to realize YOU CANNOT DO IT ALL! Ideal Schedules are created to guide you, but life happens and when it does you will need to be flexible and regroup .

I am blessed and grateful to be a member of a team. Each woman prayed for us and reminded me often that my family is my priority. Team members happily took things off of my plate or helped rearrange our original project timeline to allow us to recuperate. But not everyone is part of a team; you may be a one-woman show in your business. What can you do when circumstances get your schedule off track?

Here are a few things I’ve learned about being flexible in the middle of trying times:

  • PRAY! Ask God to show you your priorities for that day. He will give you the strength and energy to do the most important things each day. Let God have your overwhelmed feelings, frustrations and concerns – He is a big God and wants to give you comfort and peace.
  • Remember, everything on your list is NOT an emergency! What can be moved to next week? Do you need to cancel something? Be realistic as you tweak and adjust your ideal schedule.
  • Give yourself GRACE! Treat yourself as you’d treat a family member or friend. Lovingly speak to yourself as you move through this challenging situation. Getting upset with yourself will not help this process!
  • Ask for help from others and learn to delegate. Create your own “team” of neighbors, Bible study friends or your walking partner. Let family or friends serve you when unexpected things crop into your life. This is harder for some than others but don’t rob anyone of the blessing they will receive when they help you and your family.
  • Once things are “back to normal” stay focused and don’t let people or things distract you. Have blitzes where you work on specific projects or tasks. Turn off the TV and electronics. You may need to work a couple evenings or a Saturday to catch up. This may not be part of your plan, but realize it is just temporary.

Now it’s your turn to share how you manage your schedule during stressful times. Leave your comments below on how to be flexible when life happens!

Dawn Wilkerson

Dawn Wilkerson has a black belt in client care. She helps the iBloom Team and our customers not only get it together but also remember where we put it. From techie to tedious, whatever your crisis, Dawn specializes in the details and she will help you get it fixed (or find the person who can) so that YOU can get back to work.

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