Do you have a hobby or a business?

Are you treating your business like a hobby or a business? Many of the women we serve at iBloom have work-at-home businesses and their usually juggling multiple other responsibilities. With all of those day-to-day demands, it can be easy for a business to become more like a hobby. However, if we treat our business like a hobby, then we’re going to get hobby-like results rather than business results.

Do you have a hobby or a business

Your business might be a hobby if these phrases describe you:

  • You’re working on your business as you have time.
  • You’re taking lots of trainings, but always waiting for the perfect time to implement.
  • You find yourself jumping from idea to idea without ever really getting focused.
  • Your business gets your leftover energy and finances.
  • When you look at your checking account and your schedule, your business isn’t a big priority.
  • You’re trying to work multiple businesses, but none are succeeding.
  • You find yourself saying someday or one day often.
  • You secretly want to be an overnight success and find yourself ready to give up after just a few months of hard work with little results.
  • You’re praying and hoping everything will just fall in place.

Be honest with yourself. How many of those phrases described you? If you identified at least 5 phrases, then you might be treating your business more like a hobby. However, there is good news! You can make a commitment today – right this very moment – that you’re going to intentionally shift from the hobby mindset to successful business mindset.

To have a successful business mindset you must:

  • Schedule non-negotiable time to work on and in your business.
  • Identify your life and business success strategy and commit to working your plan.
  • Invest in training that will help you pursue your goals for this year and schedule time to implement what you learn.
  • Focus on one idea at a time and take steps to implement it fully.
  • Devote yourself to just one business and give it your all.
  • Believe in your product and/or service and share it with others.
  • Surround yourself with people who are where you want to be in life and business.
  • Recognize daily that building a successful business will require a lot of hard work, commitment, and determination.
  • Be flexible. If something isn’t working, make intentional adjustments and tweaks.
  • Pray, take steps forward, pray, learn, pray, make adjustments, pray, implement, pray…

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