Dispelling 5 List Building Myths

As women in business, we know that list building is essential. However, it can be quite overwhelming because there are so many little details – choosing an email provider, finding the people who want and need what you have to offer, creating something they’ll sign-up for, and then deciding what to email them and when.

Then, to complicate things even more, I hear women in business making comments like this:

  • I don’t really need an email list because I have social media and a blog.
  • I won’t have a successful business until I have a really large list.
  • The larger my list, the more profitable I’ll be.
  • My emails bother people, so I should only send an email if I have something really important to say.
  • If I have an opt-in {freebie, lead magnet}, then my email list will just automatically grow.

Believe it or not, these are all myths! I recorded a quick video to dispel these 5 common list building myths. Watch the mini training below and discover the truths about list building.


We recently hosted a FREE Training: Connect with the RIGHT Customers to Build a Better List for our iBloom Community. Click here to get instant access to it.

P.S. In the mini training, I mentioned several email providers, but my FAVORITE is Active Campaign. During the training, I’ll share about some of my favorite features and why I believe it’s the BEST email marketing platform for serving with your ideal customers.

Kelly Thorne Gore



  1. Kelly, thanks for dispelling these myths. I’m excited to learn more at the free training on Wednesday!

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