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Welcome to Week #26 of our iChoose2 Love My Life: one-year journey toward living a life you love!

This week we’re choosing to create a routine.  Your Week #26 video is below. After you watch the video, please leave a comment below sharing either a new routine that you’re starting or a routine you love.  I can’t wait to read your comments.

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Kelly Thorne Gore



  1. MelAnn MelAnn says:

    Routine has been a very naughty word in my lifestyle. However, my kids really need structure. And I am always the first one to admit – we don’t have one. My mom is extremely structured – always has been and I grew up in a rigidly structured household and resented it. But my anti-routine and anti-structure rebellion of having no routine or structure really isn’t the best thing for my family.

    I do have a few routines. When my dad died in April, my mom got very upset with me because she just thought I would be there for her. I was overwhelmed with planning for my business at the time, trying to deal with how my dad’s loss so profoundly affected mine and my kids lives… I just couldn’t be there for her like she expected. So, I told her, “Mom, Mondays I’m yours. We will do lunch. I will do anything you need to do. Run errands with you. Whatever you want to do….” And that has really worked. And I’ve had to closely guard and protect that time when others have tried to rob it. I stand my ground and say, “No, I promised this time to my mom.” My kids stay with their dad who has Mondays off. I used to take Mondays off for just myself. I was afraid I would miss the “me” time – but I am richly rewarded by what it has done for my relationship with my mother.

    I always take a bubble bath before going to bed – if I skip it – I don’t sleep well.

    School days are more structured of course – my kids will both be in school all day this upcoming school year – so that will be much better for all of us. They eat breakfast at school. So our routine is get up – we take baths for them in the morning because water calms and relaxes them and helps them be ready for the day (they are autistic). After school, they are starving – so I have an after school snack ready for them – or else we would be eating dinner at 4:30 every day – lol!

    Kelly, you said something about routines and being intentional – and that really resonated with me. I need more routine in our lives and be more intentional.

  2. I have struggled with being intentional in my personal routines, like my quiet time, exercise time, and house cleaning. Planning doesn’t come natural to me. It is something that I have had to learn and embrace . Currently I’m planning for our August “go back to school” rountine. I’m embracing making changes that will help me be more effective.

  3. Michele says:

    I have to say that I already have a routine that I try to follow as much as possible each day. I have a laundry schedule set up for my family, I have a schedule of when we have Family Time at night. We usually watch a movie or have another activity during that time. My daughters and I even set a theme for each day of the week during the Summer and have activities planned around that (for instance, Tuesday is “Tea Party Tuesday” and we schedule a tea party for the 3 of us in the afternoon). We are also realists and understand that not everything goes according to plan. But we try our best to stay consistent. Just remember there is no such thing as “perfect”. Find what works and what doesn’t work for you. And don’t sweat the small stuff!! 🙂 Have a great week!! HUGS

  4. Hello, I just found your blog/site through the Allume page. I LOVE what I am seeing so far. I really needed your video on having routines. Before I had children, I worked a corporate job about 50 hours a week and still found 20+ hours a week to volunteer at our church. Since having children, I feel that I don’t accomplish anything. Mostly I attribute that to the lack of routine in our home. I desperately need to work on routines. I will be purchasing your book and begin the journey of getting our family and home back on track so that we can accomplish more of what God put us here to do. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Annie Murphy says:

    I have just started my one-year journey, so I am only on week three, but the idea of choosing to have a routine struck me as a viable necessity to accomplishing many of the things that I want to do during this year. As with MelAnn, routine seemed a dirty word to me for a while, as I like to be adaptable for whatever life throws at me on any given day. Moreover, having a routine seems to connote one more obligation, and my sense of obligation to various activities is being evaluated this year. That said, one of my goals is to write more, yet I always seem to find myself short on time to do so. I realized that a large part of this seeming lack of time is that, without structure, I often become disorganized and push my desires aside as I concentrate on duties. (Also, as you might guess, I tend to lose track of time.) I’m concentrating on making routines and schedules for some of the activities that I view as important but which have gotten short shrift in my life so far. Hey! If it’s important to me, than I should intentionally make time for it, no?

  6. Carol Williams says:

    My children are now 23 and 25. However, we always read to them, even when I was pregnant. Because we are both avid readers, we generally read more than one book. The kids considered this a very happy time. We didn’t struggle with bedtime because everything leading up to it was fun and by the time they really were supposed to go to sleep, they were sleepy. Miss those days!

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