iChoose2 Create and Live by a Budget

Welcome to Week #27 of our iChoose2 Love My Life: one-year journey toward living a life you love!

This week we’re choosing to create and live my a routine. Your Week #27 video is below. After you watch the video, please leave a comment below sharing your favorite tool for either creating or living by a budget.

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Kelly Thorne Gore



  1. So excited you all dedicate a full month to getting finances in order because finances are one of the things that can really hold people back from following their God-given passions and calling! My husband and I use mint.com to track our budget and work toward financial goals. It allows us each to track our finances in real time and participate in the budget together. One big thing we’ve learned is we can’t get frustrated and give up if we go over in a category one month. We just cut back in other categories that month. If we are consistently over in a category, we check to see if we need to either a) adjust our budget so we have a more realistic amount to spend in that category that we can live in, or b) make some lifestyle changes to help us keep to that amount. Biggest thing is not to wait to start getting your finances on track. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes later on, so thanks Kelly for the encouragement to start taking proactive steps now. You all rock!

  2. Imani Harris says:

    I enjoyed this week’s video because I am on the path to becoming a better person. I have made a point this year to use budgets to keep a handle on the money that I spend to start saving money for things such as vehicle, my own place, emergency savings, etc. The best tool I have come across so far is Mint.com. It is free and enables you to set up as many budgets as you want, as well as savings goals, along with attaching your accounts to the website to set up alerts such as low account balances, or excessive use. I just love it!

  3. Michele says:

    Yes Kelly I did “cringe” when I thought of a WHOLE month about finances!! 🙂 But then I realized that everything happens for a reason and I need to focus on this month’s theme and make it work for myself and my 2 daughters. I was never really taught how to handle money and I don’t want the same for my daughters. So I’m looking forward to what you have set up for the month and passing it on to them. HUGS

  4. Kathleen Smith says:

    Good timing! This is an expensive year for me as my son is getting married and my daughter is having a second baby, which includes baby showers and grandma treats! Also, my husband and I are celebrating our tenth anniversary. So, I have decided to look at a budget for over a two year period. I am spending quite a bit of savings and while these things are what I have saved for, I would like to build my savings back up-starting next March. I am keeping track of my spending via an Excel spreadsheet. One of my challenges has been getting down to tracking my expenditures but through the iBloom teaching about celebrating goals, and recovery time I realise that I do actually like the details of planning a budget and recording spending….but I have a problem with transitioning from one activity to another. ie…getting started on the spreadsheet! So, I now take time in my morning devotional for God to motivate me, and then I decide on a celebration or recovery activity for when I complete my “money chores.” I find I am working longer on my finances and actually enjoying it more than before! Thank you for this teaching!

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