Can I really outsource? YES! Here’s how to get started!

Can I really outsource

When I first started iBloom, I didn’t think I had the resources to outsource. However, I quickly realized that there are certain tasks that aren’t the best use of my time and I couldn’t afford not to outsource them. It’s not that I’m too good to do these tasks, but by doing those things it was taking me away from the things that only I can do – whether that was investing in my family or focusing on income producing activities. Here’s the process I went through and continue to go through when choosing what to outsource.

What are the things that only YOU can do?

Think about this from your personal life and your business. What is the BEST use of your time? Who are the people that you need to invest in? What are your primary roles?

For example, I’m the only wife my husband has. I’m the only mom my children have. And, my primary role at iBloom is to be the visionary, lead our team, and serve my 1:1 clients.

What are the things that SOMEONE else can do?

What are the things you don’t have to do in your personal life and business? Often times these are the things that drain you.

For example, having a clean, organized home is something I greatly value. In fact, it’s vital to the environment that I want to have for my family. However, cleaning my house isn’t something I have to do. And, it’s definitely not the best use of my time.

Keep in mind this can also include delegating things to other family members.

What is your hour worth?

Before you start outsourcing, you need to know what your hour is worth. A simple way to calculate this is your revenue goal / # of weeks per year you want to work / # of hours per week you want to work. Here’s an example to get you started:

100,000 {revenue goal} / 46 {# of weeks} / 30 {# of hours} = $72.46 / hour

Knowing what your hour is worth will help you know how to best invest your time. For instance, if this was your hourly rate and it took you 6 hours to clean your home – then that’s a $434.76 investment of your time. Instead you could outsource your house cleaning for much less and work while they’re cleaning.

10 Things to Consider Outsourcing {unless you LOVE it}

  1. House Cleaning
  2. Yard Work
  3. Laundry
  4. Website Design & Maintenance
  5. Graphic Design
  6. Taxes
  7. Bookkeeping / Accounting
  8. Social Media Management
  9. Administrative Tasks
  10. Research

Is it clear what you need to outsource? I hope so! If not, grab a piece of paper and go back and answer all of the questions I asked in this blog. I think you’ll get a clear idea of what you need to outsource, but be sure to prioritize the list. You probably won’t be able to outsource everything from your list today. However, as you stop doing the things that other can do and intentionally focus on income producing activities in your business, you’ll be able to outsource more and more. But, start with the most pressing need and go from there as you’re able.

Discussion Question: What do you want to outsource?

Kelly Thorne Gore


  1. Thank you Kelly for the article. The part that was most helpful to me was to know what your hour is worth. That’s not something that I actually put pen to paper and determined and I believe that’s necessary to do. The other areas I already agree with and a few of those items on your list of 10, I do outsource but at least two I know that I need to outsource but have to find the right person (someone I can trust and who can do the job), and the appropriate rate of pay.

    Thanks again.

    • Lisa, that’s awesome! Yes, knowing our hourly rate makes a huge difference- one for valuing our own time, but also for knowing what is best to outsource. Praying that you find just the right people for the areas you want to outsource.

  2. Wendie Carwise says:

    Thanks Kelly – great post! It was encouraging to see graphic design on your outsource list since monthly retained design support is what I’d like to offer entrepreneurs! There are so many free, “plug and go” template tools out there that many entrepreneurs deem graphic design as more cost effective to their bottom when doing it themselves. But is it . . . really?

    Of course user-friendly design tools and programs always promise the ability to make every business owner “design like a pro”. But I like to make the comparison with how no matter how expensive a digital camera I purchase, and despite ensuring that I get the latest bells and whistles that promise to “do it all” for me, I can never produce the same stunning photos that my sister-in-law does just using a cheap, disposable camera! Her eye for composition, natural talent for photographic artistry, and knowledge of lighting make all the difference between my passable photos and those my family want to duplicate and frame as keepsakes.

    So, another important factor to consider when deciding the value of outsourcing is what support tasks would be done by someone else at a higher skill level than you can perform (even if doing it yourself seems more cost effective or a good use of your time). One must also consider that certain support tasks may directly impact revenue by either nurturing or diminishing customer/audience confidence in the professionalism of your brand.

    I say, also outsource support when “good enough” is no longer the goal. 🙂

    • Wendie, graphic design is definitely an area that I highly recommend people outsource- especially when it comes to developing the brand of their business. Yes, there are lots of great free and low-cost tools like Canva, but if you’re not a graphic designer {like me} even those become very time consuming.

      I’m excited for you and this new venture. I’m praying God’s abundant blessings over you and that He will show you exactly how this will look. Praying He fills your client load with the perfect people who value what you have to offer.

  3. Housekeeping. My husband is coming home from rehab with a brain injury. I will have my hand full with working on my business and caring for my husband as his brain heals.

    • Mary, I’m sooo grateful that your husband is coming home. Our team is continuing to pray for you both. Outsourcing housekeeping is definitely an area that would be a huge help to you right now. I’m praying you find someone that is the perfect fit for your needs.

  4. Dianne Renninger says:

    Thanks, Kelly, this is something I really needed at this point in my personal/business life!

  5. The I Bloom planner prompted me to realize how much doing the administrative/accounting tasks for the non-profit organization we work with was draining the creative energy right out of me. Just yesterday, I hired someone to help me, saving me about ten-fifteen hours a month. Ahhhhh, what a relief!

  6. Gee willikers, that’s such a great post!

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