Are you waiting for things to be perfect?

Selfish… I was actually told I was being selfish.

That has to be the one word I would hope that no one would ever associate with me.

Wow, that was hard to hear! I had a business coach tell me that I was being selfish because I didn’t get my free offer completed as quickly as she thought I should, I wasn’t pleased with my graphic for my sales page so the sales page had not been published yet, and the list went on.

Now after the shock of being told I was selfish wore off, I was willing to listen to the reasonings. I was waiting to publish my sales page, freebie, etc until it was perfect.


Therefore, I was keeping my knowledge and my gifts that God gave me from others. I was not willing to share it until everything was perfect. Keeping it hidden and not sharing was being selfish. There were people who needed what I could offer and I was selfishly keeping it to myself.

Of course, initially I kept thinking: they can get this info elsewhere, it is okay OR they can wait until it is perfect. I didn’t want to disappoint them.

This perfection issue was so much more than being selfish or me wanting to only release something that was perfect… it was fear. Fear of disappointing others, fear of not being successful and even worse…fear of being SUCCESSFUL!

These fears can be paralyzing if you don’t watch yourself. You need to keep yourself in check and have accountability set up.

Here are some things I have personally put in place so I don’t cave to PERFECTION as often {notice I say as often, as I do sometimes catch myself hung up with that P word}

  • Set a deadline in your planner
  • Have an accountability partner or coach to help you stay on track
  • Set a reward for yourself
  • Remind yourself often that nothing is permanent! You can always go back and make changes.
  • No one is perfect!
  • You don’t expect perfection from anyone else, so DO NOT expect it from yourself!

Do you struggle with perfection? What are some ways you keep yourself in check with perfection?

Dawn Wilkerson

Dawn Wilkerson has a black belt in client care. She helps the iBloom Team and our customers not only get it together but also remember where we put it. From techie to tedious, whatever your crisis, Dawn specializes in the details and she will help you get it fixed (or find the person who can) so that YOU can get back to work.


  1. I like the accountability idea. It helps me to work with someone to keep me on track.

    Love, Love, Love iBloom and all the wonderful work you ladies are doing.

    • I have accountability partners for different areas of my life: business, blogging {yes, I need a different one for this one as it STRETCHES my comfort zone 😉 }, healthy eating, working out, finances goals, etc.

      We are SO grateful to have you a part of our community Susan!

  2. Whew , , ,NEEDED THIS . . . girl, you were reading my mail!

    I am presently in the startup phase of my “right-brain driven” administrative support business, Aesthetically Minded, LLC. I have become both overwhelmed and discouraged by how LONG it will take to get things up and running with everything I foresee MUST be completed before i officially open my doors. I already knew that I am a non-recovering perfectionist (lol), but reading your insights put things in proper perspective and helped me to see that I am placing a heavy burden upon myself in feeling that everything must be PERFECT and as “well-oiled” as those businesses I’ve seen that have likely been operating for more than a DECADE.

    Although I believe God has indeed given me the “go” light, I still have such a fear of disappointing Him, others and even myself. Even when I’m writing my marketing message I don’t have confidence that I can live up to what I know God has best equipped me to do. I keep looking about and comparing myself to others who do something similar with greater skill and then wondering if I should be in business, despite being continually encouraged by others that I already have enough of a skill set that will benefit them.

    I now even understand that I’ve given away my abilities for free for so many years because i didn’t want the added pressure I begin to out on myself when someone id paying for the same service. Isn’t that crazy? Over the years, I’ve had friends shoving money into my hands and INSISTING on paying me for my work because I would rather do things gratis and not have the “perfection monster” rear its ugly head.

    I now realize that I’m hiding behind the perfection and must trust that God will ultimately bless the work of my hands, send PAYING clients that find value in what I can offer, and that He will continue to equip and help me AS I step out in faith, not despising imperfections nor small beginnings. Thank you so much for letting Him use you to bring me that corrective revelation. <3

    BTW – I absolutely ADORE your "About me" description! So witty and inspiring! Part of my perfectionism IS beneficial to my business practice, in that I offer client's my eagle eyed designer and editing eye. That said, I did notice a slight grammatical oversight that i wouldn't be myself . . . or effectively doing my job . . . if I didn't alert you: Remove the 's after your name (" Dawn's specializes in the details . . .") and you're good to go! 🙂

    • Oh Wendie! First off, thank you for the edit on my About Me 🙂 It is a running joke on our team, I can look at an over all feel of something but I am not an editor and I remind them often… LOL

      I am SO glad this post was here at the perfect time! God has that perfect timing for us and you were ready to hear it! Please keep me updated… Can’t wait to hear about your perfectly imperfect business! Remember, God is in charge and you are the implementer! He will not be disappointed unless you don’t make that effort… you have your “marching orders” already so run for it!

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