A Letter from an Accidental Entrepreneur

Have you ever secretly wished that someone could just hand you a business building manual that showed you every step you needed to take to get from point A to SUCCESS?

Yeah, me too!


I’m an accidental entrepreneur. When I started iBloom, I didn’t realize that I was starting a business and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Crazy, I know! But, it’s true. I came from a ministry background and had a passion for helping women live into God’s purpose for their life. I had no business training. In fact, I’m not sure that I had ever read a business book. I was just desperate to share the message God had given me to make a difference in the lives of others.

I quickly realized that I was in WAY over my head. God had given me a BIG vision. But, it became clear that in order to live out that BIG vision that I had to have more than a passion to make a difference.

I had to learn lots of things:

  • Who was I supposed to serve?
  • How would she even know I existed?
  • How would our paths cross?
  • How would she know that I was the person who could help her?
  • How would I help her?
  • How could I replicate the process to serve others?

Oh how I wish someone could have just handed me a manual that showed me all of the steps I need to take. But, no such thing existed back in 2005 or at least I wasn’t aware of such a resource. In order to live out this BIG vision that God had given me, I had to become a smart and savvy business woman.

Fast forward a few years, I was starting to figure it out. In fact, I was named the 2009 Coaching Entrepreneur of the Year. That’s quite an accomplishment for the person that just 4 years before would wake up in the morning and just stare at the computer because she had no idea where to even begin.

It became obvious that my slow start to business was for a purpose. Through lots of trial and error, I had discovered the business-building formulas that worked and those that didn’t. I was now in a position to share what I had learned and help others shorten their learning curve. Things that took me 4 years to figure out could easily be mastered my one of my mentees in just a couple of days.

iBloom started to transition. We went from a life-coaching organization that equipped women to discover God’s purpose for their life to a business-coaching organization that equips women to build a successful business and live a life they love. It’s always been about God’s purpose, but now we get to equip women with the step-by-step tools so they know HOW to live out God’s BIG vision for their life.

And, since I desperately wanted that step-by-step process that showed me all of the next steps I needed to take, we created that, too. Here’s how you can get started:

Step #1: Take the “Which Business Owner Are You?” Quiz

This quick quiz will give you an accurate picture of where your business is right now and then equip you with tools that help you get where you want to go. Answer each question as honestly as possible about where your business is TODAY instead of where you hope it will be tomorrow. (That “tomorrow” part will come and I can’t wait to help you get there!)

Click here to take the quiz!

Step #2: Sign-Up for the FREE Training

After you take the quiz, you’ll be placed in your current business phase. Be sure to sign-up for the FREE training, so you can get the step-by-step tools you need to thrive in this phase of your business.

Step #3: SHARE

Don’t keep this to yourself. There is another woman, just like us, who is desperate to make a difference in the world. She knows God has given her a BIG vision, but she’s staring at her computer wondering where to even begin. If she just knew what to do next it would make all of the difference. You may know this woman personally and you can send her this blog post in a private message or perhaps she’s following you on social media and she’ll see this post in her news feed because you shared it.

After you take the quiz, please leave a comment below sharing which business phase you’re in right now! Remember, ALL of the phases are great, so don’t be tempted to compare where you are to someone else. Our goal is to help YOU thrive where you are and move up the ladder.

Kelly Thorne Gore



  1. Ruth Vazquez says:

    Thank you Kelly for all you are doing! IBloom is exactly what I am needing in my life right now. Praying for you and ministry!

  2. hi, I just accidentally came across your website and I love it. The resources are great. I’m looking forward to learning how to take my business to the next step. Thank you. Chara (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

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