A 14-Year Dream

Have you ever had a BIG dream?  Maybe it was a dream that was central to your life purpose.  That without this dream coming to fruition, you felt like part of you was missing.  You knew without a doubt you were born to do this!

But, now wasn’t the time.

So you prayed, prepared, and waited for God’s perfect timing.  You’ve done your part, but now you must trust that God’s timing is PERFECT- even when it makes absolutely no sense in the moment.

Well, that’s my story…

God planted a dream in my heart to be a wife.  Over the years that dream grew and grew.  I knew that I wanted a marriage that was set apart- different than just the average relationship.  A marriage that would be thriving and an example to others for a lifetime.

So, I knew that a marriage like that would be different.  It would take lots of work.  It would take longer.  This would be a different man!

But I didn’t quite anticipate 14 years of praying, preparing, and waiting!

The waiting didn’t make sense to me at the time.  There were MANY times that I cried out to God begging for Him to move.  Why would he plant such a powerful dream in my heart and not bring it to fruition?  At the time, it didn’t make sense to my human mind.  Had I heard God wrong?  Had I just dreamed this dream for myself?

I had prayed and prepared.  I even had a trunk where I’ve stored 14 years worth of prayer journals, marriage books, cards, and letters for my husband-to-be!   And, then I waited and waited.

But, 866 days ago something changed.  I crossed paths with a man that would change my life forever.  We were connected on eharmony just days before and were meeting in person for the first time.  We had arranged to have appetizers at a local restaurant.  I was SO nervous walking toward the restaurant.  But, once he hugged me it was like time stood still for a moment.  His hug was perfect.  I knew there was something very different about this man.  We soon discovered that we actually went to the same exact church- even the same service time!

I got in my car that night just amazed!  It really seemed a little too good to be true.  I didn’t want to get my hopes up, so I decided to pray and wait.  I knew that if he were the “one,” then God would work it out!  Well, I didn’t have to wait very long because this very special man emailed me the next day asking for a second date.  That really was just the beginning of the fairy tale romance between Jon and I.

I now see so clearly that God’s timing is absolutely perfect! Jon couldn’t have showed up in my life one moment sooner.  He wouldn’t have been ready.  I wouldn’t have been ready.  We wouldn’t have been ready for one another.  I now understand that God always shows up in His perfect time- even when it makes absolutely no sense to us in the moment.  We just have to trust HIM!

And in just 4 days, my dream of being a wife will become reality!  I’ll get to marry the man I prayed for 12 years before I even knew his name.  I can’t really put into words what joy, excitement, and anticipation I feel.  I’m ready to begin my new role as a wife to Jon!

The dream is coming true, but the real work of building a thriving marriage that will last a lifetime continues on…

Kelly Thorne Gore


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