5 Things YOUR DAY Wants You to Know

Hey You! It’s ME…YOUR DAY. Do you have a minute?

I’ve noticed some things and just thought I’d share them with you so we can be on the same page and work as a team. Really there are 5 things I want to share with you that will help me work harder for you and help us both with this thing we are sharing called YOUR LIFE. Are you ready? I know we have a busy day ahead so I’ll get on with it…


#1. I do better when I have a plan and I get to sleep on it: If I don’t know what to expect when you get up, I notice we can really get off course quick! And one of us is grouchier than usual… but I don’t want to name names.

#2. I really like lists: When you make out a list, we can get SO MUCH MORE done together! Let’s make more lists so we don’t get distracted from what we want to do and who we want to be, OK?

#3. I prefer to get the work over with early: I don’t know, it just seems like when we can get the hard stuff out of the way early, we have more time and mental energy to play! This goes for getting ready too. When we wait until after lunch to get out of our P.J.s, I’ve noticed we’re not as productive. You seem to get more done after you’ve brushed your hair. Ha!

#4. I want some fun each and every day: Every day. I want some fun in there somewhere. And laughing, let’s add in a lot more laughing! Even taking a 5 minute break to watch Chonda Pierce on youtube would be a great start. She is so funny! But seriously, we really need to laugh more.

#5. I love it when you write all your dreams down on paper and look at them often. Every day won’t feel like a win. We’ll make mistakes along the way but each day is a fresh start! When I know what your dreams are, I can be working behind the scenes to help you accomplish them. We can do amazing things when we take some time to think about what we are here to do (and spend less time goofing off on Facebook…I’m. Just. Sayin’.)

That’s pretty much it! See, I’m not that hard to please. I can work with you so much better if we can just do these 5 things better together. I’ve heard about an amazing tool that can really help bring all of this together for us. It’s the iBloom Life & Business Planner. Have you heard about it? Other People’s Days have been way more productive since they started using it so I really think it would be worth it for us to give it a shot too. I mean, I’ve seen these gals and if they can do it, WE can do it!

It has a place for us to:

  • Do daily, weekly, monthly and yearly planning
  • Write out lists to help us stay on track and quit being covered in (or losing) our Post-it Notes
  • Use a funnel system for choosing what we want to work on each week and then assigning a time to tackle each project
  • Remember to have fun, enjoy each day, and there’s even scripture printed on each week to help us with memorization…we’ve been talking about doing more of that for years!
  • Create our vision board and write out our BIG DREAMS for the future!

We owe it to ourselves to try out this planner. We’ve tried so many others but this one really is different! I think it is the planner we’ve been dreaming of for so long. If you get it for us, I promise to do my part in making all of YOUR DAYS amazing while we travel this life together. You can find out more about it and pre-order it now while there are fun pre-sale perks that come along with it. I’ve heard that if you wait until the pre-sale is over, they may be sold out. So let’s get this iBloom Planner ordered and get on with being awesome!



iBloom Team

Our iBloom Team is on a mission to inspire women all over the world to live lives they love. We help women design their life around their priorities where they choose daily to love God, love others, and love themselves while enjoying their personal definition of success in both life and business. iBloom in Business exists to provide women in business a “dream team.” We want to help you build a successful business while living a life you love! You no longer have to do lots of research to find each “expert” who can support your business. Our Founder, Kelly Thorne Gore, has done the hard work for you when she assembled a team comprised of the experts in their fields. Our team works together on each project, offering a seamless resource center for all of your business needs including: business coaching & consulting, branding, logo design, website services, social media consulting, copywriting, and more. We want to partner with you as you succeed in your business and in your life!


  1. Love this! I just ordered my 2016 iBloom Planner earlier today! Now I just need to get working on the rest of my 2015 to get more accomplished before the end of the year. I work out of my home office so I tend to delay that whole shower and getting ready thing until somewhere between 10 and 11, unless I have a reason to get out the door. But I have noticed the past few days that this isn’t working for me so my new resolve is to only do my morning devos with coffee my first hour of the morning in my PJ’s…then hit the shower so I am ready for the rest of my day. I’ll let you know if that works for me. 😉

  2. This was awesome! I have the 2015 Planner and I ordered the 2016 Planner as soon as I could get to the computer and order it on the first day of pre-sale. There was no way I was going to miss out on this wonderful tool for life and my business. It’s a totally game changer! A life changer!

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