3 Ways to Get your Life & Business Ready for Summer

One of the AMAZING benefits of being an entrepreneur is that we get to create our own schedule. In the summer, while our friends who work 9-5 jobs are at the office, we can go to the pool or take a long lunch by the lake. This lifestyle gives us incredible flexibility and the ability to enjoy quality time with our family. However, summers can also be a challenge because kids are out of school and being outside seems much more appealing than sitting behind a desk.

I find there are two distinct ways that most female entrepreneurs approach the summer.

#1- The Hobbyist: These entrepreneurs close up shop because they can’t seem to find time to work on their business. Without even realizing it, they end up taking most of the summer off.

#2 – The Workaholic: These entrepreneurs are business as usual with their jam-packed schedule and they forget to take time to really enjoy the summer.

Which do you relate to the most?

I definitely gravitate toward The Workaholic. However, it’s absolutely possible to run a successful business and enjoy the summer. Here are 3 ways to get your life & business ready for summer:

Create a list of FUN Summer Activities

What are fun things that you’d love to do this summer? Vacations? Family Activities? Things to invest in your marriage? Me Time Activities? Things with friends?

My family and I are in our pre-summer preparations right now, so we just did this exercise together. Here are a few things that we want to do this summer: pool, swim lessons, park, picnics by the lake, Kings Island, KY Horse Park, Zoo, and a marriage weekend in Chicago.

Identify Your Summer Business Goals

Now is the time to decide what you want to accomplish in your business this summer. For this summer to be a success for your business, what needs to happen?

What is your income goal and what will you do to make it a reality? What content will you create {emails to your list, social media posts, blogs, etc.}? How will you serve your customers? What do you need to do to prepare for the fall?

Schedule your Non-Negotiable Fun & Work Time

Once you’ve identified the things you want to do for fun and your business goals, then it’s time to schedule your non-negotiable times.

Block off dates for vacations, day trips, and other activities. You might consider taking a day off each week to devote to some of your activities. For instance, Fridays this summer will be my family day. It’s a day set aside to spend quality time with my family.

What will your dedicated work hours be? What specifically will you accomplish during that work time?

I hope this summer is filled with lots of fun, but that it’s also a time to commit to continue working your business. Don’t lose momentum in your business just because it’s summer. You can run a successful business and have a fun, memory-filled summer. So, start getting your life & business ready for summer now!

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  1. Ok! I need to plan for summer soon. Thanks for the reminder!

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