3 Tips for Fighting Fear as a Christian Woman in Business

I am SO excited to introduce you to my go-to person when it comes to knowing how to conquer my fears, LaTara HamYing!  And, since I know that I’m not the only woman in business that struggles with fear, I’ve invited LaTara to be a speaker at this year’s iBloom in Business Online Conference. She will teach us how to turn our fears into success. And, today she’s sharing some tips for fighting fear as a Christian woman in business.

Running your own business can be scary. You dream about it and make plans for months; sometimes years before you open the doors to your BIG DREAM! Suddenly just before you put the open sign in the window, you feel something creeping into your life, that is ready to stop you dead in your tracks. Or maybe you are well established in your business and you get stuck every time you get to a certain level of success. You have created the plan and you know that you know your stuff. Still, you trip and fall every time you reach the level of success you desire to attain. Who is this familiar old friend? You know the one you determined a long time ago was not really a friend but more of an annoying pest.  Yep, your old friend, fear has come back into the picture and you are not quite sure how to handle it.

I know fear well. He lived with me for a good part of my life and there are still times when he comes knocking at my door. But after a life changing event that occurred in my life in February 2008 where Christ met me right where I was, I started a transformation process that has helped me to release my fears and launch my dreams. In dealing with my own fears and then coaching women to face theirs and live out loud for Christ, I have come to realize there are some basic tenets the must be in place in order to eliminate fears. The core of it involves knowing how you were created, by Whom, and why He created you the way He did.

Here are three tips to help you fight the fears you face in business.

  1. Know Your Purpose: When I tell you that flip flopped around, confusing my market and losing their trust, I am not kidding. The reason why this happened is because I had no real ideal of my purpose and this allowed fear to mess with me again and again. Without a purpose or vision, you will perish. Once you grab hold to your purpose and move forth in faith, God’s perfect love will remove the fears. Identify your life purpose or mission statement and you will have your own unique compass that will lead you the right way.

  2. Acknowledge your strengths: What are your positive traits? What are you really good at? What strengths do others see in you? Make a list of at least 5 of your strengths. Find ways to express your authentic self through your strengths. When you know the stuff you are made of it helps you to become more confident in the business you are running and the woman holding the reigns: YOU!

  3. Be Inspired: There are so many ways to be inspired. God has given us not only His inspirational Word but people, places, and things as well. Keep a success journal. Write down you four or five greatest strengths and post them where you can see them. Listen to or read the Bible daily. Find people who inspire you, read their books, sit at their feet, or talk to them on the phone. Look at your own accomplishments, big and small and give yourself credit for what you have done.

Fear is not easy to deal with it, let alone defeat but I promise you it is possible. If it were not, God would not have made it a main topic of discussion. If you have not begun the process of knowing your purpose, acknowledging your strengths, or finding sources of inspiration, I challenge you do so. You will never look at fear quite the same again!

Discussion Question:  There is powerful in naming our fear.  So, please leave a comment below sharing your greatest fear.

LaTara HamYing
LaTara V. Ham-Ying is a lifestyle success strategist who helps women release fears and launch dreams. She is a homeschooling mother who lives in Oklahoma City, OK where she raises Pit Bulls, spends time with her two boys, loves on her family, and enjoys her daily adventures with God. She has a passion for gardens, cute shoes, purses, green smoothies, cooking, and getting good night’s rest. LaTara is known to be the women’s advocate for faith, simplicity, and wellness and believes those are all key components to an empowered mind that creates and finds success. You can find out more about LaTara at http://latarahamying.com

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Kelly Thorne Gore



  1. I get fearful when I overwhelm myself, and don’t know what to do first! I have 2 businesses, one is making jewelry and the other is making men’s shirts, and I get caught up in doing everything and that can hobble me. I’m still very small time, but I want to grow. When you have to do everything for even small businesses, it gets hard to know what my strengths are because the weaknesses are so obvious. I just experienced a very painful heartbreak, so I was crippled for a short while. But my faith has brought me through that and I feel energized again! So I’m trying to take small steps, one at a time and just keep moving. I know God will take my fear and replace it. but my break-up left me with bills I can’t yet pay, so that would be my main focus right now. (Sorry if I’m babbling or not making too much sense; still on an emotional ride, I guess.)
    Thank you for this post; very timely! And as a native of OKC, I pray you and your family is well after the tornadoes, LaTara!

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