Betsy Ringer


Betsy Ringer

What “hat” do you wear for iBloom?

Inner Circle Mentor and Webinar Director: We have a monthly webinar for our Inner Circle members which focuses on the theme for the month. I lead our team in the development of the topic and put the content together in a meaningful way. I host the webinar. Then during the month, I help our Inner Circle members continue to develop the theme for their professional and personal lives.

Coach/Mentor for Speakers and Budding Speakers.

What a privilege it is to work with speakers of all levels to teach them how to develop and present a meaningful, entertaining message. I strongly believe that TOGETHER, we can make a difference! Women in business use speaking skills every day whether they are doing a presentation for a meeting, delivering a keynote, conducting a workshop or a webinar, being interviewed for a radio show or making a TV appearance.

Every position in my professional life has involved being in front of people: teaching, management development trainer for a large health care organization, developing departments, teams and classes for two churches, live event speaker and webinar instructor. I serve on the Board of the San Diego Professional Women’s Fellowship and emcee the meetings.

Would you like me to coach or mentor you or your group? If so, here are some areas we would cover:

  • Develop your talk/message in an effective way so that people can hear what you are saying and act on it.
  • Guide you as you establish relationship with your audience so they continue to choose you and your products.
  • Show you various products you can develop to continue to build clients
  • Develop good speaking skills
  • Work with the coordinator in a way that will get you more engagements
  • Find speaking engagements
  • Overcome fear of speaking
  • And much much more!!

To find out more about Betsy’s speaking packages click here.

Speaker, Coach, Instructor

I have been speaking and teaching for over 25 years. I lead workshops and speak for many groups and events. I also coach groups and lead classes that give you insight into a life where you can thrive! Some of the most requested topics include.

  • Win Others by Speaking Effectively for Any Event
  • The Personalities: Know Yourself and Understand Others
  • Zoo Clues: The Personalities of Teens and Children for Parents and Educators
  • Shift from Surviving to Thriving
  • Unleash Your Natural Talents and Strengths
  • Discover Your Design
  • Build Healthy Teams

iBloom Team Member

  • I work with the rest of the fabulous iBloom team to help our community truly live the life they love.
  • iChoose2 Love Your Life, iBloom in Business contributor and resource author
  • 100 Days of Gratitude FB Group guide.

My Tree: A little about my family!


  • I grew up in the Midwest as the fourth of five children. From April to October, when I wasn’t in school I was playing outside in the woods, riding my bike or organizing “shows” for the neighborhood kids to put on!
  • I graduated from Miami University and received my graduate degree from San Diego State University.
  • I have been married since 1983 and my husband and I spend lots of time exploring and simply enjoying beautiful San Diego. I am a fan of “subtle seasons” that include warm sunshine year round. We have three fabulous adult kids and two wonderful daughters-in-law. Our sons are in Ohio and Oregon and our daughter is adventuring in sunny southern California! And we adore our grandchildren!

My Favorites:

  • Activity: I just can’t tell you how much I love being in Southern California! We spend much of our time looking for new places to experience and going back to the faves! I never tire of the Big Sur coast drive, or walking the trails in Laguna or checking out little mountain towns. My husband and I call these excursions Field Trips and have taught some long time San Diegans how to see this area with fresh eyes!
  • Word: ADVENTURE! I love to explore and try new things. I have jeeped in deserts in Mexico, climbed many mountains, hiked to amazing waterfalls, parasailed to watch the whales beneath me, thrilled at white water rafting in Alaska and Colorado, and so much more.
  • Movies: Pride and Prejudice; You’ve Got Mail; A Walk to Remember –yes, I’m a sucker for girlie movies!!
  • Scripture:Ephesians 3:20 To him who can do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine according to His power that is within us!

My Inner Child? 

Singer/Actress – I would practice many hours on my “talent.” I organized “shows” with the neighborhood kids. I was in drama and musical groups all through school and yes…even as an adult in many church and community productions. I just haven’t been discovered for the “big screen”…. Yet!!

My Heart: What makes you smile?

Getting on an airplane, in a car, on a boat or on a train to explore someplace new! Oh!! The anticipation of excitement, new experiences and adventure!! And of course, my precious family!