A 14-Year Dream

Have you ever had a BIG dream?  Maybe it was a dream that was central to your life purpose.  That without this dream coming to fruition, you felt like part of you was missing.  You knew without a doubt you were born to do this! But, now wasn't the time. So you prayed, prepared, and waited for God's perfect timing.  You've done your part, but now you must trust that God's timing is PERFECT- even when it makes absolutely no sense in the moment. Well, that's my story... God planted a dream in my heart to be a wife.  Over the years that dream grew and grew.  I knew that I wanted a marriage that was set apart- different than just the average relationship.  A marriage that would be thriving and an example to … [Read more...]

Be All There by Glen Schneiders

Glen Schneiders is the Lead Pastor of Crossroads Christian ChurchAre we fully anywhere anymore?  As I walk into a meeting or church gathering, I note the number of cell phones in texting mode. I can’t help but wonder how many of us are fully engaged – in anything; that includes the meetings at work, the family dinner, or church services. With wireless on computers and emails arriving by phone day or night, there is no such thing as a vacation. (Unless you have had the misfortune of a company imposed furlough, then you could lose your job if you responded to email.) I am not anti-technology.  The conveniences of bringing the world to us cannot be ignored.  But what if we want to be truly off for a day or a week?  What … [Read more...]

Who do you want to become?

Our Blog Talk Radio show this week discussed the question, “Who do you want to become?” You can listen to our radio show online from Noon to 1 PM EST each Monday by going to CWA or you can listen to the recording after the show on our iBloom website. Here is the recording from today’s show http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ibloom/2010/01/18/who-do-you-want-to-become Have you ever really pondered who you want to become? Recommended Resource: The Next Generation Leader: 5 Essentials for Those Who Will Shape the Future by Andy Stanley. I highly recommend this book! The final chapter of the book, “The Leader Worth Following” is dedicated to inspiring leaders to invest in the health of their soul. Andy says, “Have you determined what you want … [Read more...]