Tech Tutorial: Schedule Your Facebook Group Posts

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Tech Tutorial: Google Voice

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Tech Tutorial: No CRM

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Tech Tutorial: LeadPages: for Professional Landing Pages {even if you do not have a website}

If you are looking for a professional landing page without paying for a web-designer OR you do not have a website yet, then LeadPages is a great option. In this tech tutorial, you will learn how to set up an opt-in page via LeadPages. You can then publish the page on your website, use a link directly to LeadPages (if you don’t have a website), or publish the page somewhere else (including Facebook).Click here to download this Tech Tutorial on LeadPages. … [Read more...]

{Business Training} June 2017: Make Your Website Work Smarter: How to Take Your Website from Good to Great!

Websites are such an important part of our business but do you know if it is actually working for you? In this month's webinar we will focus on: Making Your Website Work Smarter:  How to Take Your Website from Good To Great! My goal is for you to finish the webinar with a plan in place! Let’s work together!Click here for the handout.Click here for the audio only.Click here for the chat.Previous trainings that are useful:Business Training: Have a Website That Works- The Must Haves for a Website Worth Having {Business Training} April 2017: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Grow Your Email ListClick here for the Website Partner Review/Evaluation handout. … [Read more...]