iBloom Virtual Retreat: Create Your 2016 Success Strategy


Hi! My name is Kelly Thorne Gore and I’m the Founder & President of iBloom. We just wrapped up our iBloom Virtual Retreat: Create Your 2016 Success Strategy. We host this retreat each year to help the women who use our iBloom Planner get ready for the upcoming year.

As I was preparing for this year’s retreat, I sensed a major shifting- in me personally, but also in the way we equip women at iBloom. I knew that women attending were going to have major breakthroughs in their life and business. However, God did SO much more. He used this retreat to revolutionize the way women view success.

Over a 1,000 women were registered for this year’s retreat. Here are a few of the takeaways:

Retreat Testimonial2



Retreat Testimonial3



iBloom Retreat Testimonial 6

iBloom Retreat Testimonial 5



These recordings are usually only available for those who registered for the LIVE online retreat. However, God made it very clear that 1,000 women experiencing it just wasn’t enough. The women who attended wanted their friends and family to experience what they had. So, we’re making all of the handouts, powerpoint slides, and video recordings available to the public. We invite you to experience it and create your own 2016 Success Strategy. Keep in mind that all of the content was assuming participants already had their 2016 iBloom Life & Business Planner.

Please feel free to share this material with your family and friends!


My 2016 Plan Worksheet

Day 1 Powerpoint Slides

Day 2 Powerpoint Slides

Additional Retreat Resources – Throughout the retreat, we referenced many additional resources {products, books, etc.}, so we created this reference guide that would allow you to see everything at once. Be sure to look through this document soon because there are lots of great discounts for you! Again, we only want you to get the resources that will help you make your 2016 vision a reality.

Session #1: Reality Check


Session #2: What does success mean to YOU?


Session #3: Creating your 2016 Theme with Betsy Ringer

Session #4: Priorities for 2016

Session #5: Personal Goals for 2016

Session #6: 2016 Business Vision

Session #7: 2016 Income Goals

Session #8: Creating the Action Plan

Session #9: Closing {Dedicating & Celebrating}