iBloom Gratitude Journal Resources

Welcome to the Gratitude Journal Resource page! We pray that participating in intentional gratitude will bless your life richly! Please use these resources to enhance your experience.

While keeping a gratitude journal comes naturally for many of you, we also know that there are many who struggle with it. Sure, you start off with great enthusiasm but before you know it that zeal dwindles and your journal sits unopened. We hope to make this experience alive and meaningful for you. We have many ideas to share with you so get ready for a fresh experience in gratitude!

100 Days of Gratitude Facebook Group

Please join our 100 Days of Gratitude Facebook group. Go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/iBloom100Days/ and request to join the group. We’ll approve your request. Each day we will post ideas to keep gratitude fresh and exciting. We’ll have personal as well as family activities that will be fun and significant. You can join in the Facebook group at anytime. All the activities will be repeated so you won’t miss anything. Participate with your experiences, ideas and surprises as you travel through this Gratitude journey.

iBloom Worship Playlist

Our iBloom team loves expressing gratitude through worship music and we hope you will too. We’ve created a playlist of some of our favorite worship songs. Be sure to bookmark this page, so you can listen often.

Printable Prayer of Gratitude

Please use the Prayer of Gratitude however you please. We have it designed so you can frame it if you’d like. Tuck a copy in your Bible, keep it in your planner or on your desk, or put it wherever it will help you remember to thank God and show gratitude in everyday life.