2014 iBloom Life & Business Planner


Our iBloom Team has dreamed of this Life & Business Planner coming together for YEARS! A planner that is functional AND beautiful. This is the planner that not only helps you remember where you need to be and when, but also WHO you want to become and WHY.  It’s a planner that is functional, beautiful, and inspirational. This planner acts as a personal coach for 2014, asking you the right questions to help you prioritize, set goals, and make a realistic plan for achieving them. We don’t want you to just make it through another year, but instead, get that much closer to becoming who you really want to be and living a life you truly LOVE.

Printable Version of the 2014 iBloom Life & Business Planner!



Our team has collected our favorite scriptures, quotes, and made it beautiful to look at! Our hope is that this planner will serve you every day of the year and remind you of how much we at iBloom believe in you and want you to live a life you LOVE!

Here’s what is included in the PRINTABLE iBloom Life & Business Planner:

  • A beginning of the year check-in to help you make time for the people and things that matter most
  • Holiday planning pages with a calendar of dates and room for gift ideas and ways to serve
  • Business vision and goals pages for planning your 2014 projects and income goals
  • Monthly calendar with room for notes, goals, gratitude lists, and inspiration
  • Weekly view spreads with space for project planning, to-do lists, weekly goals, healthy living, and a scripture {Note: the Printable version includes non-dated weekly pages, so you can easily write in your dates for each week.}
  • A mid-year check-in where you can reevaluate goals, priorities, and track your progress
  • Lined notes pages to jot down your ah-ha moments and great ideas for the year
  • Blank notes pages for doodles, images that inspire, and your visual thought process
  • The printable planner pages are 8 1/2 X 11 and can be printed on your home computer.

Let iBloom go with you into 2014! We are hoping and expecting great things for you and those you love. This planner will help you keep your priorities lined up, honor those important appointments, and even help you reach your financial goals. We’ve combined the best of all of the planners we’ve ever used, plus many of the concepts from our books, iChoose2 Love My Life and iBloom in Business, and we are SO EXCITED to share it with you in this 2014 iBloom Life & Business Planner.

Printable Planner Pages

{The Printable Planner Pages are designed so that you can easily print your planner pages at home.}

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