Preparing Your Heart for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

I LOVE Christmas! I love seeing family & friends, eating all of the delicious food, seeing the beautiful decorations, and the giving spirit that it brings out in so many. What I don’t like about this season though, is how quickly my heart can shift from all of that warm and fuzzy goodness to … [Read More]

The Healing Power of Gratitude

One of the main reasons I love Thanksgiving is because of the idea that we have a day just to “give thanks”. Most of the time our life is going along smoothly and we can rattle off a list of things for which we are grateful. The list is filled with happy and positive things. But what about those … [Read More]

Choose ThanksLIVING

You know how to express thanksgiving: now choose ThanksLIVING. It is gratitude in action. ThanksLIVING often goes against the grain of our culture but aligns perfectly with God’s design for our lives. Research shows that people who practice grateful thinking reap emotional, physical and … [Read More]

How to Cultivate a Success Mindset

Our iBloom Team recently hosted a virtual retreat to help women create their success strategy. During the retreat we discussed how vital it is to have a mindset for success. A success mindset doesn’t just happen- it must be intentionally cultivated. Here are three ways that you can begin … [Read More]

Do You Feel Successful? 5 Tips for Being & Feeling Successful

Our team recently polled women asking them if they feel successful. We were shocked to find how many women said NO! We knew there would be some but the number we got back broke our hearts. When we looked at these women, we saw SUCCESS! These women had so much going for them: thriving marriages & … [Read More]

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