Three Simple Behaviors that Make Life Easier

From time to time we all get stuck in confusion, become frustrated over losing things and let our emotions take over. Not all at once I hope, but any of these situations make our lives more complicated than we want them to be. Just one can make me crazy. Over the years I have learned simple … [Read More]

What Tools Do You Have in Your Organizational Toolbox?

One of the hardest things for any business owner is to get organized and stay on track. Here at iBloom, we have several tools and systems we use regularly to keep ourselves organized. Some of these tools are used as a team and others individually. All of them can be used if you are a business of … [Read More]

Blog Template? Yes PLEASE!!! A Blog Template That Makes Writing Fast, Easy, & Fun

I’m always looking for ways to make writing blog posts more efficient…for me and for YOU. Your customers need to hear from you & you have an important story to share. BUT the whole staring at a blank screen when it is time to write can sure suck the creativity right out of a girl. Am I right?!?! … [Read More]

How to Nurture Your Friendships

“Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.” Girl Scout song I remember singing the song, “Make New Friends” when I became a Brownie in the 2nd grade. Still today, I love making new friends while enjoying the friendships I’ve had for many years. Because I love and value … [Read More]

Do you have a hobby or a business?

Are you treating your business like a hobby or a business? Many of the women we serve at iBloom have work-at-home businesses and their usually juggling multiple other responsibilities. With all of those day-to-day demands, it can be easy for a business to become more like a hobby. However, if we … [Read More]

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