We Always Have Something To Give

I was reminded today that even when we may feel like the world’s problems are too big and our resources are too little, God always makes a way for us to be part of the solution. When we focus on His abundance and not on our fear, we always have something to give. Today, I was leaving a store … [Read More]

10 Tips for Effective Handouts

Effective handouts used for online classes or live events are a great tool for participants to take notes and record their next steps. Use them as a visual to keep people with you and a place to put your contact information. Whether doing live events, teleclasses or webinars follow these ten tips … [Read More]

How to get more “shares” on Facebook

Did you know that over 1 BILLION people log into Facebook every month? And did you know that the average login lasts about 40-minutes? With numbers like these, the hard-core truth is that it’s getting harder and harder to get your content seen by your community, your ideal client. There is SO … [Read More]

Gather Around the Table

The cooler fall weather is bringing everyone inside. What a perfect time to gather your family and friends around your table for great food and fellowship. I’ve loved gathering for meals since I was a little girl. With our large family of nine seated around the table, we shared food and tidbits … [Read More]

How to use Canva to create some AWESOME graphics!

Today, I’m excited to share with you one of my FAVORITE tools when it comes to being successful on social media – CANVA! Truthfully, this has to be my FAVORITE tool because it allows ALL small business owners to create top-notch graphics for their social media profiles! You don’t have to “be” a … [Read More]

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