How To Utilize Your Videos Through Email

In two of my previous blogs I wrote about and explained, "How To Embed Video On Your WordPress Site and Why" and "What Auto-Responder and Broadcast Emails Are". Now let's combine these two so you can learn how to utilize videos through email! We already know that you don't want to just send out … [Read More]

How to Create a Personal Growth Plan

Several months ago, I was at an event with John Maxwell and he shared a story from his early 20s when his mentor asked him, “What is your plan for growth?” When it was clear that John didn’t have a plan for growth, his mentor goes on to say, “Growth is not an automatic process. If you’re going to … [Read More]

How to Write Website Content That Inspires Your Customers to Take Action

Wouldn’t it be great if you, the small business owner, could staff your company around the clock without spending any more money than you do now? You’d be right there, ready to serve your customers at the exact moment they were ready to buy? Imagine 24/7 customer care, checkout, and sales people at … [Read More]

8 Parenting Tips to Make Each Day the Best Day!

I’ve been a parent almost half my life. That’s a long time! Being a Mom has been one of my favorite roles and my daughters bring so much joy to my life! I’m grateful that early on, I was challenged by God and by others to choose to make each day the best day! Having said that, I also remember … [Read More]

6 Secrets to a GREAT Hashtag Strategy!

Maybe you too have wondered about hashtags and what all the commotion is about them because quite frankly, you just don’t see what the big deal is! But the reality is, hashtags are a MUST when it comes to your social media marketing and here’s why: They create a brand awareness of YOU! They … [Read More]

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