The Most Important Part of My Day

I’ve discovered that the way I start my day often sets the tone for the rest of the day. In fact, I’ve developed a morning routine that has become the most important part of my day. Here’s a little snapshot: Do you have a daily business meeting with God? If so, how has it impacted your life … [Read More]

Use Your Gifts to Serve Others: Tips for Stepping Out In Faith to Serve

The Bible is clear that we have all been given gifts & talents. Figuring out how to use those talents to serve others and even discovering what our gifts are can sometimes be tricky though. I want to encourage you to take inventory of the ways God has gifted you and pray about how you can use … [Read More]

Go Shopping In Your Own Home

I have been in the organizing and de-cluttering mode. During this process, I’ve realized how much I enjoy shopping in my own home. I’m not talking about ordering over the Internet and purchasing items without leaving the house. I mean using things I already have for my own use or to give to others. … [Read More]

8 Reasons Your Business Should Be On Instagram

I have seriously fallen in love with Instagram. And the reality is, so have many other people! Instagram continues to be one of the fastest growing platforms and quite honestly, I believe it’s one that businesses, non-profits, schools and organizations need to consider getting active on. Here’s … [Read More]

25 Wisdoms to Boost Your Joy Today

I am celebrating my birthday this week. Since my age is now over the California speed limit, I may “floor” it at times and live as vibrantly as I possibly can and other times I might just “pull over into the slow lane” and savor the scenery. But the ONE thing I’m determined to do is to explore new … [Read More]

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