What’s Working for Women In Business: Erica Leggiero

Excited to share What’s Working for Women In Business with you! One of our favorite things all week! Sharing what is working for women in our iBloom In Business community. We are your biggest fans and so when we see that you are celebrating a win, breakthrough, or a new product, we get REALLY … [Read More]

Take Action: 5 Steps To Move You Beyond Words

“But be doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” -James 1:22 ESV I LOVE words! I even make my living from writing them… but God is reminding me of the importance of moving beyond all of the words by taking action in order to see real results in my life. Sometimes I can get … [Read More]

Social Media Success: Connecting With Your Ideal Client

As many of you know, I’m trying REALLY hard to get into a workout routine! As someone who used to work out 5-6 days week and was in GREAT shape, I know that I need to get back at it! This past week as I was running away on the treadmill at Planet Fitness, it hit me! I realized a VERY valuable … [Read More]

What’s Working For Women In Business: Alice Klitz

Excited to share What’s Working for Women In Business with you! When you’re excited, we’re excited! It’s a high priority for us at iBloom to celebrate and share what’s working for women in business with you. We want to share the joy, best practices, and how you can implement what works for others … [Read More]

Market Your Products or Services Through Speaking

One of the most effective ways to market your products or services is through speaking. And yes...your expertise shines through your ability to speak clearly, dynamically and in a way that connects with your audience. YOU are the expert in your business area, but if you can’t or don’t communicate … [Read More]

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