Creating Your 2015 Social Media Goals

For so many of us right now, we are spending time thinking through our goals and/or resolutions for 2015. The things that we want to see happen, the milestones we want to reach, the difference we want to make, and the changes that we want to take place. Today, I want to specifically help YOU … [Read More]

New Facebook Rules Will HELP Entrepreneurs!

Have you heard? Facebook is making some BIG changes again! And even though there is so much “noise” on the platform about this upcoming change, I have to be honest….I think it’s a GREAT change and a much needed change. After conducting a recent study, Facebook found that “People wanted to see … [Read More]

We Always Have Something To Give

I was reminded today that even when we may feel like the world’s problems are too big and our resources are too little, God always makes a way for us to be part of the solution. When we focus on His abundance and not on our fear, we always have something to give. Today, I was leaving a store … [Read More]

10 Tips for Effective Handouts

Effective handouts used for online classes or live events are a great tool for participants to take notes and record their next steps. Use them as a visual to keep people with you and a place to put your contact information. Whether doing live events, teleclasses or webinars follow these ten tips … [Read More]

How to get more “shares” on Facebook

Did you know that over 1 BILLION people log into Facebook every month? And did you know that the average login lasts about 40-minutes? With numbers like these, the hard-core truth is that it’s getting harder and harder to get your content seen by your community, your ideal client. There is SO … [Read More]

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