Ways To Show Appreciation To Others

“Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.” G.B. Stern G.B. Stern - See more at: http://www.write-out As I listened to my oldest daughter and now son-in-law recite their vows, I was struck by a word they included; appreciate. They promised to appreciate each other in the days and years to … [Read More]

What’s Working for Women In Business – Terri Schrews

Excited to share What’s Working for Women In Business with you! Terri Schrews We’re all in this together. Business and life are better when we work together, encourage each other, and warn each other when there is reason to exercise caution ahead. When something is working or we find something we … [Read More]

You’re an Expert – Speak Like It!

Experts are business people like you, with knowledge and experience. You’re an expert so speak like it! Maybe you’ve worked on your website, a product and marketing but unless you know HOW to speak to your clients and customers like the expert you are, they won’t see it. People look to experts to … [Read More]

Make a Decision: Lessons Learned From Painting My Front Door

“In a moment of decision, the best thing to do is the right thing, the second best thing to do is the wrong thing. The worst thing to do is nothing. “-Theodore Roosevelt. Today we are going to talk about an insanely important topic: the color of my front door. If you ever are afraid of trying … [Read More]

How to Draw People into Your Business

If you are in business you are always thinking about how to draw people into your business. You have a product or service that you know will help others, but they must know about what you offer before you can help them. You have become an expert in an area because of experience and knowledge. You … [Read More]

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