Letting Others Serve You Blesses Them Too

I have struggled allowing others to serve or help me. I know the root of that is pride and thankfully God has been working with me on this one for years. I have been given the gift of compassion; I see the needs of others and the details that could make their lives better. I enjoy helping where and … [Read More]

How To Use Facebook Groups To Build Your Business

One of my FAVORITE features of Facebook is GROUPS! And quite honestly, I really believe that groups can and will give you the extra “bump” you need to build your business. Let me explain some of my top tips to help you do this: √Get Involved: Truthfully, there are some GREAT FB groups that you … [Read More]

Managing Your To-Do List

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been meeting with our Inner Circle Members for their Initial Coaching Call and have found a recurring theme… many are struggling with how to manage their “To-Do’s”. I've shared the tips and processes that personally work for me to stay on track. I thought there … [Read More]

How to Write a Thank You Note That Rocks

Gratitude is a gift you give yourself. I’m so thankful my mom and grandmother taught me at a very young age the importance of writing thank you notes. In life & in business, taking the time to say thanks is time well spent. It will remind you of all of the people & things that are blessings … [Read More]

Connect Your Work to God’s Work

Maybe you don’t consider yourself “in full-time ministry.” Maybe you reserve that description to a pastor in a church. However, God ordained work, gave you interests and abilities and planted you right where He wants you to be – to work AND to complete His work – right where you are. Every Good … [Read More]

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