List Building: Your Welcome Email

An important piece of the puzzle of List Building is your initial email that the client receives. If you use MailChimp as many of our clients do, this is called the "Welcome Email". This piece is so integral as it is the email that allows people to receive what you promised whether it be the freebie … [Read More]

Gratitude Can Change Your Attitude

“Gratitude is an opener of locked-up blessings.” Marianne Williamson Lately, I have been seeing and hearing the word “gratitude” everywhere. I’ve read about gratitude in blogs, it comes up in conversations with friends and God reminds me of my blessings during my prayer time. Every time I see or … [Read More]

Believe Your Business Has Something Great to Offer

I recently saw a picture in my news feed on Facebook and it was one of those pictures that stopped me in my tracks and made me think, “Yes! They get it. THAT’s what life is all about.” It was a picture showing two men: one the kidney donor and the other the recipient, both with big smiles on their … [Read More]

8 Traits That Make Social Media Managers GREAT!

Great social media managers are few and far between. Businesses, ministries and organizations that continue to “hire” or use volunteers/interns who have no social media training or experience, will unfortunately, not see the results that they were hoping for. Soon they will realize the difference … [Read More]

Apply the Antidote for Anxiety

Sometimes it’s annoying and crippling, but you can take action to apply an antidote for ANXIETY. Instead of tackling anxiety, fear or apprehension in your own strength, go to God with praise, adoration and worship. T.D. Jakes says, “Make your situation your sanctuary.” As leaders in our … [Read More]

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