Unlikely: When you feel less than qualified

1993: I graduate high school and decide I will go to the community college for 2-years to get my certificate in “Office Systems.” 1998: Why in the world would God be calling me to seminary? Women don’t go to seminary! Besides, how would I pay for it all? 2001: God opens door for me to be a … [Read More]

Give me a Bent for Your Words of Wisdom

Sometimes, well maybe most of the time, we long for God to give us a bent for His words of wisdom. This might be a prayer you keep at your desk or in your Bible and refer to when you need focus, guidance or a special God-connection. Here is an excerpt from Psalm 119 followed by my personalized … [Read More]

Are you waiting for things to be perfect?

Selfish... I was actually told I was being selfish. That has to be the one word I would hope that no one would ever associate with me. Wow, that was hard to hear! I had a business coach tell me that I was being selfish because I didn't get my free offer completed as quickly as she thought I … [Read More]

6 Secrets To Consistent Blogging

  If you are running a business, blogging on a consistent basis can be a challenge. You have so much to do and the urgent can easily take over while your blog gets pushed back…way back into a corner (for when you have more time). I understand! But since blogging is an important tool for … [Read More]

Which Business Owner Are You? – Take the Quiz

There are different phases of business. At each phase we need to know specific things to thrive in that particular phase. As a business owner it’s really hard to know what you need to know and when you need to know it. Let’s face it; we don’t know what we don’t know. Well, that’s where iBloom … [Read More]

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