What Is YOUR Mission?

Why do you do what you do in life & in business? It is so important to be clear on your WHY.  If you aren’t clear, you will get distracted and worn out. No, not distracted…that isn’t the right word. In order to get distracted you have a target and then get off target. Without a mission, you are … [Read More]

Celebrate Friendships

“Friendships multiply joys and divide griefs." H.G. Bohn. In a few weeks I’m attending my 40th High School Reunion. I will see friends I haven’t seen in years. We will laugh, tell stories and may even shed a few tears as we recall memories and catch up on our lives. September is the official … [Read More]

The iBloom Life & Business Planner Campaign: Change the World, One Planner at a Time

Life is short. Life is busy. Your dreams aren’t just going to magically happen on their own. If you live your life chasing the urgent, then you are not really living. Your iBloom Life and Business Planner will help you stop chasing the urgent and instead, start chasing your dreams. If you are … [Read More]

Our Ten Favorite WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are bits of software that can be uploaded to extend and expand the functionality of your WordPress site. Plugins allow you to do things on your website instead of hiring a coder for every little thing. 10 of our favorite plugins: Google Analytics Dashboard  View your Google … [Read More]

Whether Organized or Messy You Need some Humor

I think most of us agree that while it’s great to be organized it’s also great to feel the wind in your hair, laugh with a friend and explore new places. While I admire those people who handle organization and tidiness with great ease, it’s HARD WORK for me. So I embrace my messiness, silliness and … [Read More]

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