How To Get Big Things Done When You Have Little Time

  A friend of mine called this week, frustrated because she had a major exam to study for, but no time to study. She knew that if she didn’t figure out how to make the time to study, and fast, that a great opportunity would pass her by: an opportunity to work part-time, close to home with a … [Read More]

7 Things to Do Before You Type: Set the Stage for Writing Great Content

Writing great content starts before you sit down to type. I’ve learned over the years that there is a lot that goes into setting myself up to be at my best when I sit down to write. These 7 things to do before you type have radically changed my productivity level and the effectiveness of my writing … [Read More]

Friendship…Pass It On

It’s been eleven years since I’ve had a child go off to their first day of school. I still remember the story I shared as we had our back-to-school family dinner each year. My daughters dubbed it the “Be A Friend” story….I think of it as passing on friendship. The “Be A Friend” story goes … [Read More]

What is a Twitter Chat?

You may be asking yourself, “What is a Twitter chat” and “why is it important that I know this?” A Twitter chat is a LIVE “chat” that takes place on Twitter on a certain day and certain time around a specific topic. A specific hashtag is used during the Twitter chat so that everyone involved … [Read More]

A Prayer for Pain

So many people are experiencing physical pain: knees, degeneration in the neck, feet, arthritic joints, sciatica, broken bones, cancer, migraines and on and on. The pain is often debilitating or every move is an effort. Pain affects the brain, causing fogginess and sluggishness! And then there are … [Read More]

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