50+ Ways to Get More Engagement on Your Facebook Page

Does this sound familiar:  "I would love to be more active on social media but quite honestly, I have NO idea what kind of content I should be posting on a daily basis. The thought of posting at minimum 4x a day, just kind of makes me sick to my stomach.” If you have ever uttered these words or … [Read More]

The Power of Words: Choose to Speak Life Into Others

Words are powerful. You probably have very strong memories associated with words that have been spoken to you or about you. Some good, some not so good. I recently heard a story from a lady about how a few simple words changed her future. When she was in high school, a teacher took the time to … [Read More]

6 Font Rules for Flawless Branding

One very important way to look like the expert is to be consistent with how you use fonts. It’s not enough to use your logo, you need to establish consistency throughout all of your marketing materials: in your website, on social media, in print, on your business card. All your materials as a whole … [Read More]

The Number #1 Mistake Business Owners Are Making on Facebook!

One of the things that I am continually surprised by is the fact that so many business owners are leaving money on the table and are missing out on some amazing FREE real estate on Facebook! Want to know what the number #1 MISTAKE business owners are making on Facebook is? Neglecting to connect … [Read More]

Parents and Teachers: Three Steps to Bring the Best out in Children

Parents and teachers are charged with the responsibility to bring out the best in children. When we do, they thrive. They are more aware of their own abilities and limitations; accepting of others’ strengths and struggles; confident in a healthy way; and contributors to a better world. To be … [Read More]

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